I feel so much calmer, more in balance and peaceful. I loved the way it builded. I will keep showering my mind. Thank you.
— Paula, Netherlands
One of the most beautiful and amazing meditations I have done. I will listen to this again and again. Bravo! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
— Kat, USA
Thank you, Michelle, for your gift - your courses. They open a meditation for me, my inner freedom, my self-confidence. Namaste!
— Ivan, Russia
Finished the series, very powerful! I feel that. Her meditations series are life changing. I have done all of them.
— S, USA
Thank you so much for your courses 😍 i only wish i had been introduced to this way of thinking many years ago... i may not have made the mistakes i have made. ‘I am’ moving forward with gratitude and love and know in my heart my future will be a kinder journey. Thank again i am very grateful to ‘you’ for making these series to share such important tools for really living. 💗
— Sonya, Australia
I find all of your meditation series to be so profoundly helpful in advancing my journey toward peace, love, joy and serenity. Thank you!
— Kristen, USA
Thank you Michelle for this great series of meditation. I learn and grow with each new day of meditation. I love all the meditation series you provide. I feel most grateful that you give us your wisdom. A most sincere thank you! 🙏
— Shells, Netherlands
I can’t thank you enough, Michelle, for your guidance through this and the other series. I’m still quite a rookie with meditation, and the mind chatter can still be overwhelming at times, but I’m feeling that daily practice is helping me get to the root of issues of self doubt. Thank you again ❤️
— Eric, USA
Thank you very much for this series! Thanks for your wisdom! What a beautiful healing process that really did help me to connect with my heart for the first time in my life. I feel reawakened and even more alive now. Once again, thank you!
— Valeria, Russia
Very emotional and humbling. Thank you Michelle for a beautiful series. You have consistently made me feel more alive than I could ever imagine.
— Lillian, USA
Thank you so much Michelle. With your help, I have been able to achieve a state of calmness like never before, I was able to transform from matter to my purest form of energy. It’s been amazing, please keep up the good work, I love referring people here. It’s been an amazing journey so far. Thank you 👏😇🙏🏻
— Gordon, USA
I’m ready to be a light in the dark! Now it’s like living life in two realms that are intertwined, and now I’m able to access the higher, more REAL one more freely and more often. Incredible series! Will definitely continue my practice. Thank you for this gift 🙏🏼
— Stephanie, USA
I thoroughly enjoyed this 15 day series thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me. I’m grateful for every lesson on accepting, believing and surrendering. I now have the tools necessary to be at peace, with what is. Believing that there’s more to my life than what’s in my present circumstance. Surrendering to the universe,having faith that God has my back. Thanks again Michelle for being my inspiration to live my best life, i appreciate you...Namaste🙏🏽
— Afriya, USA
This program became a high point of my days. Thank you so much, I feel touched and will carry its fruits with me forever.
— Christo, South Africa
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this amazing series. I will miss hearing your voice every day, Michelle, but you have given me a gift that will never be forgotten. Peace.
— Diane, USA
This was so profound and life changing for me! Thank you so much for bringing such a healing and peace and love infusing program into my life and the lives of others. I really want to share it with everyone I know! 🙏
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Thank you Michelle for gave us your truly love, peace, compassion and knowledge!
— Laura, Mexico
Beautiful. Thank you for a very special journey, connecting me more deeply to peace, love, forgiveness and compassion.
— Michelle, Australia
Thank you so much Michelle. I’ve now meditated each day for 23 days and am noticing the difference in very interesting ways, in my daily life. You’ve been a big part of that change and I thank you. Namaste.🙏💝😊
— Linda, Canada
Thank you. This series has assisted me to restart my meditation practice after major surgery. I cannot thank you enough. May be peace be with you always.
— Chris, Australia

This has been a wonderful series. Thank- you, you are truly gifted. I intend to continue my mediation journey. The series has planted the seed🙏🏻 and I look forward to “ watering the mind”....namaste.
— Cynthia, USA

Thank you for giving me this gift. I have now a much greater understanding of what meditation is and the judging of thoughts coming is almost gone.
— Desiree, Norway

Thank you ~ Namaste. Second time around ~ another gate opened.
— Anat, Israel

Thank you, Michelle. I’ve been meditating - almost daily for two years, but you’ve helped me move to a higher level....”when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Connecting with others y spreading our peace, love y compassion in a world that seems to be lacking in all, gives me hope. Shanti, shanti, shanti. Namaste
— Ruby, Mexico