One on One

The human being is born fearless and courageous. The underlying current within all of us is love. Anything else is just residue of pain, ego, judgment and fear. When we tap into our essence, we also tap into our authenticity, and our gift to the world. There is a purpose for each of us in this lifetime, and if we don’t uncover the truth of our path, we will go through life feeling as though something is missing. True joy and satisfaction will not last long.

Clients who come to me are looking to undo the barriers of their life and find a solid, purpose-filled path. It takes a proactive spiritual practice to do this. It does not matter a person’s career or status in life. Once we make a connection with our internal strength, and gain mastery over our mind, everything in the external world will fall into place.

Each session will be conducted via phone, Skype or in person depending on our geographical locations. I have a set hourly rate. Please email me for further information.