An Excerpt from the Article Written for Icon Advisor Magazine:



“… you may be wondering: all of this just from sitting in stillness each day? Yes, absolutely. We just went on a journey of the internal world. And the first step taken is to be present with our breath, with our moment. The stillness within each of us contains so much. It completes the ‘being’ part of the ‘human being.’ The human is form and all things that are tangible such as appearance, awards and accolades and material possessions. The being is formless and represents all things that are intangible, yet so important. The being part of us contains our intuition, life’s purpose and peace. 


… Yet, by paying attention to the internal world, your external world will shine because you are living to the fullest potential of who you can be. 


Both worlds are important. And the breath is the bridge between the two worlds. As important as breathing is to provide oxygen for your body, in a sense, it provides oxygen for your whole life. What we gain from the connection to our internal world is immeasurable. And at the same time it is the cornerstone for living a fulfilled, happy life.”