Meditation, podcast and book recommendation

I was listening to a podcast with Jay Shetty, who currently has the #1 health podcast in the world. And the topic of the interview truly fascinated me. It fascinated me so much, that I also bought the book the interviewee wrote, so I could delve deeper into the subject they were talking about.

The podcast is titled How to Design Your Life to Live Longer, Healthier and Happier with Dan Buettner and Ben Leedle.

{I have included the video of the interview with this blog, because Jay Shetty does both filmed and recorded interviews. You can find this same exact interview on his podcast. Just search Jay Shetty on the podcast app}.

Dan Buettner was on assignment for National Geographic to research the centenarians of our world. Centenarians are people who live to be about 100 years old. His groundbreaking work on longevity led to a 2005 National Geographic cover story “The Secrets of Long Life” and also three best-selling books.

I found the podcast interview to be so compelling and filled with so many nuggets of information. I’ll let you listen to the podcast, because I truly believe it will be worth your time.

But below, I’ll share a couple of things that surprised me about people who live to be about 100:

  • Rigorous diet and exercise are not part of their lifestyle

  • Wine and coffee are acceptable; and in some locations people drink 2-3 glasses of wine per night

And here are two more takeaways.. However, these were not as surprising for me as the takeaways mentioned above:

  • Centenarians live a purpose filled life

  • They do not consume any red meat or dairy (this was not a conscious choice on their part, but a natural choice)

The podcast shared a lot of information, but I still wanted to learn more. So of all the books Dan Buettner has published, I bought and read The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People.

He termed the areas of the world where the centenarians live Blue Zones. These five areas are:

  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

  • Okinawa, Japan

  • Sardinia, Italy

  • Ikaria, Greece

  • Loma Linda, CA, USA (this location was an unexpected one for me)

Something I felt deep appreciation for is he has brought the Blue Zones principles and lifestyle to cities in the United States. Taking immense time to lobby to city leaders, he has been able to introduce the Blue Zones principles to many US cities.

This is information he delved deeper into in the book, versus the podcast. It was inspiring to read of just how many changes the US cities were willing to go through, to incorporate the Blue Zones principles. Examples are widening streets and sidewalks, to allow more walking space. And restaurants changing their menus to offer healthier options.

The podcast was an informative listen.
And the book was an easy read.

So here’s my recommendation:
I highly recommend you listen to the podcast. You will definitely gain a lot just from the podcast.
And if you feel compelled to learn more, find one of Dan Buettner’s many books that appeal to you, all on the subjects of Blue Zones and the centenarian way of life.

When I did my own research, the book I mentioned above is what appealed to me. Click this link for the book I chose to read.

So now I’d like to recommend meditations I’ve recorded for you, with the intention of connecting to our bodies.

I did not create these meditations specifically for Blue Zones principles, but I do feel they are somewhat in line with the topic of today’s blog.

It is a set of three meditations, titled Connecting to the Energy Field of Your Body.

In my last blog, I had mentioned I’ll be releasing my Daily Insight (from the Insight Timer app) series of meditations onto my podcast channel. If you did not subscribe to the Daily Insight, or you listen to my meditations only on podcast, this will be an opportunity to listen to new meditations by me.

Following the guidelines that Insight Timer had given me, these meditations are part of the same theme, and they are 5, 10 and 20 minutes in length.

However, I tried to make each meditation a little different, within the same theme series. So you can pick up new information in each one. For example, the 5 minute meditation is a little different than the 10 and 20 minute meditations.

So you can perceive it like three separate meditations, but same topic.

My first set has been released today. They are titled Connecting to the Energy Field of Your Body. In these meditations, not only do we understand that the energy field in our body is a tool to align us to presence, we also take time for gratitude, for this vessel we have been given in this lifetime. (We delve into body appreciation more in the 10 and 20 minute versions of these meditations)

You can find it by searching my first and last name, on any podcast app.
(Podcast is a free app, available for any smart phone)

I’ll be releasing more sets of Daily Insight meditations onto my podcast this month, so you may want to subscribe to my channel, to be notified when I release them.

Oh… And in the beginning, I say, “Hello.. And welcome to the Daily Insight…”
Again, this is an instruction Insight Timer had given me.

Please share this blog with at least three people in your life whom you feel may be interested in the topic of the podcast/book and also my meditations.

With Much Gratitude,