Need your prayer please


If you follow my Instagram page, I’m sure it’s become evident to you how much my family means to me, and how they’re an integral part of my life.

With this said, we are going through a difficult time right now, and I’m requesting your prayer.

I’m requesting a prayer specifically for the health of my sister. Not only is she my younger sister, but she also has two children ages 1 and 3.

Yassi (name of my sister) has been diagnosed with breast cancer. And while it is stage 1, it is an aggressive type. So she is going into surgery on August 21st for a double mastectomy.

And while the doctors will know the best route of treatment once surgery is complete, they are saying she will also need chemotherapy.

My sister has talked to more than one doctor, and they all agree on this route.

So by the time you read this blog, my sister, and my family, will be preparing for her upcoming surgery, or she will have already undergone surgery.

If you have your own method of prayer, please follow your own method and pray for my sister.

I will also provide a prayer for you below.

When praying, it’s important we are in a calm state of mind.

Fear, worry, anxiousness or any negative state of mind will result in our prayers not being received.

Hope, vulnerability, calmness and compassion will result in our prayers being received.

So if you find yourself in a negative state of mind, it’s best to save the prayer for a time that you’re in a positive state of mind.

I will use the word God in this prayer, but feel free to change the word to anything you feel most comfortable with.

Dear God,
We come to you in prayer and gratitude
Thank you that the cancer in Yassi’s body was detected early
Thank you for guiding her to get the mammogram when she did
And as she goes into surgery, we pray for a very effective surgery
We pray for the removal of all the cancer cells within her body
We pray for a smooth surgery altogether
And we pray for a speedy recovery for Yassi
May she come back to complete health
May she heal and become whole in her body, mind and spirit
May she learn the lessons for empowerment and growth within this ordeal
May she continue to handle this ordeal and all ordeals in her life with grace
Once again, we thank You, Dear God
We thank you for early detection
We thank you for effective surgery and treatment
And we thank you for wholeness and health

Thank you for joining me in this prayer.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

And in case you’re wondering how I’m doing….

Truth is, it took me about two weeks to regain my center after hearing of this news. My sister found out about the cancer on a Monday night. And her first doctor’s appointment to learn of the diagnosis in depth was that Wednesday.

Monday night to Wednesday morning were definitely part of the worst days of my life.

When my brother-in-law texted me from the doctor’s office informing me it was stage 1, I began balling. But they were actually tears of relief because I knew we had a chance of surviving this.

And from that moment on, I have chosen to focus on gratitude. Gratitude that it was detected early. And I have not allowed any fear or worry to come into my mind. Trust me, fear and worry have really tried to come into my mind. But I will not allow them a home within me. I am focused on getting thru this one day at a time, with gratitude for the early detection.

You may be wondering how my sister and family are handling this...

My sister never ceases to amaze me with her level of grace and positive outlook. She is an elegant woman altogether, and that is exactly how she is handling this diagnosis. I'm beyond inspired by her.

My brother-in-law has been the most solid support for my sister and all of us. But that's who he is... One of the most decent, caring and protective men I've ever met and known.

My mom... Truth be told, my mom is a mess when she is not with my sister and her grandkids. And this is understandable for a mom. So she has spent most of her days at my sister's house, to take care of them, and to find her own comfort during this time.

My dad... My dad passed away about ten years ago. But I know he is with us, showering us with his love.

With all of this said, it’s been a roller coaster of a ride for my family and I. And the ride is not over yet. But one day, it will be over. And my sister will be back to full health. I am confident, with full faith, in this.

We are an extremely close-knit family. And I know this will only make us stronger and closer.

Lastly, I will not be writing a blog for the weeks to come. I will be at my sister’s house, focusing on tending to her and my niece and nephew.

Usually when I take a break from these weekly blogs, I let you know when to expect me in your inbox again. This time, I do not have a set date. But hopefully, I’ll be back in a few weeks.

If the doctors prescribe chemotherapy, most likely I will ask you again for another prayer before she would embark on that journey.

Please share this blog and request for prayer with every person in your life whom you’d think would participate in the prayer.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.