Love this TED Talk!

I came across a powerful TED Talk that I want to share with you!
And with over 18,000,000 views, apparently I’m not the only one who thought this talk given by Mel Robbins was powerful!
This video has lots of nuggets of wisdom, and Mel Robbins gives a great delivery of her speech. So I highly suggest you take 21 minutes of your day to view this for yourself.
Below, I’ll share a few (of the maaany) nuggets of wisdom I took away from her talk:

  • 1/3 of Americans are dissatisfied with their life – that’s about 100 million people!

  • By saying, “I’m fine,” you are telling yourself, convincing yourself, you’re fine by not having it… It’s the areas in your life that you’ve given up on.

  • Science has calculated the odds of you being born. They took into account all the wars and disasters… And the odds of you being born at the moment in time you were born with the particular DNA structure you have is 1 in 400 trillion. You have life changing ideas for a reason.

  • When you feel stuck or dissatisfied it’s a signal that one of your most basic needs is not being met: The need for exploration. Everything in your body grows. Your hair grows. Your cells grow. And your soul needs exploration and growth. And the only way you’ll get this is by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable.

  • Get outside your comfort zone. Its not about risks. Its about getting outside your comfort zone. {This reminded of my blog I shared with you last week titled At the Subconscious Level, This is Holding You Back. You can read that blog, by clicking this link}.

  • If you have an impulse that’s pulling you, and if you don’t marry it within 5 seconds, you will pull the emergency brake and kill the idea.

  • You are 1 in 400 trillion – act accordingly. The world needs you to act on it

May you enjoy watching this TED Talk as much as I did!
Wishing you a wonderful week,