Feel like you failed? Read this.


While listening to a podcast with Tony Robbins, there’s something he said that really struck me.
Since you’re reading my blog, it means you are on some path of personal development. And if you're on some path of personal development, then chances are you know who Tony Robbins is.
In case you haven’t heard of him, he is a life coach.
He’s a life coach who sells out stadiums for live seminars.
So he knows a thing or two about life.
Now getting back to the podcast…
The interviewer asked Tony Robbins if he still experiences setbacks, or if basically everything he does simply works out.
And Tony replied that he still makes mistakes, he still has failures.
And this is the statement that struck me.
This is a man who coaches world leaders, billionaires, and top CEO’s and athletes.
He charges $1 MILLION for his personal coaching.
And he is still trying to figure it out in some cases.
I loved hearing him say this.
I loved his honesty.
And he continued to say that he’s had a lot of failures. But he doesn’t consider them as failures. He considers them as stepping stones for re-direction.
So it’s all in the perspective.
What some (actually most) view as a failure, he doesn’t stop there. He keeps going. He tries a different angle. He fine tunes what he did. And he does this over and over again, until he gets it right.
What if everyone viewed “failures” in this way?
What if everyone who felt defeated got up and tried again?
Do you think more inventions would be created?
Strength realized?
Dreams fulfilled?
Businesses started?
What is one thing that happened in your life where you felt you “failed”?
Can you change your perspective and redirect it as not a failure, but as a bump in the road? Something that could have used more time, more creativity or different solutions? And can you go back and try again?
In many cases, it's good to take some time before trying to re-direct.
The space creates room for clarity.
But if you don’t feel in your heart that something has come to an end, then it probably hasn’t. You just need to try a different angle.
Think of one of the greatest inventors of our time: Thomas Edison. He tried 1000 times before the light bulb finally worked. So something in his heart told him that he was not finished yet, even though I’m sure his mind told him to quit repeatedly.
Follow your heart.
Continue to persevere.
Release the feeling of failure.
Change your perspective.
It’s all in the perspective.
And if there is someone in your life who is ready to quit and walk away, send them this blog. May they listen to the guiding whisper in their heart, if it’s telling them they’re not quite finished yet... And may they try again.
With Faith,