It Takes So Much Energy to Resist Change


When you think about your day, or your week, what comes to mind first?

  1. I find myself saying no a lot

  2. I find myself saying yes a lot

If you answered 1), you find yourself saying no a lot, then read on… This message is for you.
If you say no a lot, then you probably also:

  • Feel stagnant in life more than you feel progression

  • Feel bored more than you feel vibrant

  • Feel tired more than you feel energetic

Here’s the thing:
At the very core of life, and by core I mean cells and atoms, there is always movement. There is never any stagnation. Did you know the cells in your body regenerate once every few days, months or years? Check out the table in this link to view the turn-around time for the various parts of your body.
Your body is constantly in motion. Nature is constantly in motion. The planet is constantly in motion.
And you need to constantly stay in motion to truly live this life.
How is this done?
Simply by saying yes a little more throughout your day, than saying no.
Our day consists of non-stop decisions. Some of these decisions don’t affect the ‘flow’ of our life, such as what to wear in the morning or what time to take our lunch break.
But there is an array of other decisions we could say yes to, that would put us more in the flow of life…

  • Joining co-workers for an after-work outing

  • Attending a yoga class with a friend

  • Picking up the phone instead of letting it go to voice mail

  • Going on a solo walk around the neighborhood because a little voice inside hunched to do so

  • Attending a social networking event  

  • Setting up the office for the day in a coffee shop versus at home

The important thing is to catch yourself when you want to say, “No.”
Or catch yourself when the excuses run rampant in your mind.
Or catch yourself when you are living too many days within your comfort zone.
Movement and progress do not happen when we live in the same routine.
Boredom happens when we live in the same routine.
And here’s the interesting thing:
It takes a lot more energy to stop the flow of life, than it does to go with the flow of life.
Imagine trying to stop the flow of a running stream with your body.
Is it possible? Perhaps.
But it would take a lot of energy to do so.
And no matter what you do, the stream is going to flow anyway.
The water is going to move past you, and in the direction its meant to go.
The same is true for your life. If you’ve found yourself asking, “What happened to my life? I feel the years have just slipped by...,” it’s because you literally let the years, the opportunities and the spontaneous moments slip by.
You said, “No,” instead of say, “Yes.”

The beautiful thing is it's never too late to turn things around. In each moment, we have a chance to try again, to live again.
So make a commitment to live this life.

Start small… Say, “Yes” just once per week. Then commit to saying, “Yes” three times per week. And when you move into the flow, you will find yourself saying, “Yes” at least once per day.
Join the YES ride and be open to where it will take you :)
And if you have someone in your life who is a No-Person vs a Yes-Person, forward this blog to them.
Wishing you a fun and joy-filled life,