New meditation release based on A Course in Miracles

One of the greatest teachers on my path of spirituality has been the deep metaphysical book titled A Course in Miracles.
The Course, or sometimes referred to as ACIM, is a self-study program. A person can read the text, do the workbook, or do both simultaneously. Although the crux of the lessons are in the workbook, it is highly recommended to also read the text, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the teachings.
The workbook has 365 lessons; one lesson for each day of the year. But if a person feels compelled to stay with a lesson for more than one day, he/she can. However, it is not recommended to do more than one lesson at a time.
The main teaching point of A Course in Miracles is to delve deep into the understanding of our two basic human emotions: love and fear.
And the first half of the workbook lessons are designed to break our fear down. The second half of the workbook lessons are designed to build us up into love again.
The Course teaches that all fear is based in the ego part of our mind. The ego part of our mind carries judgment, sin, guilt, shame, repeat stories from the past, to name a few.
And the way to reverse the ego part of our mind, and connect back to our essence, which is love, is through forgiveness.
{If you’ve done my meditations, this should sound very familiar to you. Because I derive so much of my teachings from A Course in Miracles}.
The Course teaches us that forgiveness means so much more than what happens between two people in conflict; or a person in conflict with him/herself.

Forgiveness becomes a tool of reversal.
Through forgiveness, we reverse the darkness of the past, the darkness of the mind, and claim our power back.
A deeper understanding of forgiveness can be found in my ten-day course on Insight Timer. This course is called Find Freedom through Forgiveness.
The inherent right of each human being is to live within their essence: To live in love.
But as The Course teaches, purification of the mind needs to happen before we can truly connect with our essence again.
If you feel called to learn more about A Course in Miracles, click here.
You can also learn more about it in the video I’ve included above.
My next meditation is based on Lesson 137 of the workbook of ACIM.
The meditation has the same title as the lesson:
Lesson 137: When I am healed, I am not healed alone.
I’ll upload this meditation onto Insight Timer this week. And it takes 1-3 weeks for them to release it. Once it’s out on Insight Timer, I’ll also share it on my Podcast channel.
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