My personal meditation practice


Dear Everyone,
In last week’s blog, I had shared with you the difference between guided and silent meditations. And since a common question I’ve received lately has been my own meditation practice, in this week’s blog I’ll share with you my personal practice.
I began meditating 10+ years ago, before the arrival of meditation apps. So I would simply set my timer for ten minutes per day. I did not listen to music, or chant. I meditated in silence.
A few months after doing this, I attended a ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat. The structure for the Vipassana retreats are ten days of silence, about eleven hours of meditating per day. So again, my main method of meditation was silent versus guided.
And this format has stayed with me all these years.
So in my personal meditation practice, I meditate in silence.
I know for a lot of people silent meditation can be somewhat daunting, and they find comfort in having a guide. But for me, I actually try to delve really deep into the silence, and truly feel it.
As I explained in last week's blog, the energy field associated to silent meditations can be very powerful.
And... There is one guide whom I do listen to. And even when I meditate to his recordings, I still move past his voice and connect with the deep stillness between his words. He always has music in the background, yet I still try to connect with the stillness of the energy field within myself.
This guide is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He is one of my favorite teachers of spirituality. I have read his books, and attended his workshops four times.
His meditations cannot be found on Insight Timer or any other meditation app. They can be bought and downloaded via his website.
In order to fully understand, and receive complete benefits of Dr. Joe’s meditations, one has to have at least read his books. And of course, attending his workshops enhances his meditation teachings.
I also love to tap into the energy of Mother Earth. So when I go by the beach or go on a hike, ideally, I like to take at least five minutes to close my eyes and feel the energy of the surrounding atmosphere without any other stimuli (as we receive with open eyes).
The energy of Mother Earth is the same energy that is within each of us. And when we do tap into it and embody it, we feel a sense of peace.
But perhaps this topic can be a blog all it’s own :)
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With Gratitude,