Guided vs Silent Meditations

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In this week’s blog, I’ll share with you the difference between guided and silent meditations. And since lately I’m getting a lot of questions about what my personal meditation practice is, I’ll share with you my personal practice in next week’s blog.

{I had shared this video previously, but am sharing it again because it’s in alignment with the topic of today’s blog}.

The whole point of meditating is to make a connection with that formless part of ourselves.

Human beings have the form, which is the human part of us. And then we have the being, which is the formless part of us.

The formless part of us is not tangible. But it is oh so important. It sets the precedence for the quality of our lives. Within this intangible dimension resides our peace, intuition, love, compassion and our life’s purpose. All of these attributes are formless at first. And through time, they have the potential to turn into form.

So how do we strengthen our connection to our peace, intuition, etc.?

Through conscious breaths.

A conscious breath is one breath without any thoughts attached to it. And meditation is the practice of taking conscious breaths.

Meditation can be practiced in different ways…

There are guided meditations that are very beneficial. Through guided meditations, you go on a journey into your internal world – the beautiful formless part of yourself – by following the words of the guide.

The guide may also serve as an anchor back to your stillness, by reminding you to come back to your breath; or reminding you to release your thoughts.

The thing to keep in mind with guided meditations is to make sure you are aware of the stillness that resides deep within you through the guidance. As the guide is speaking and taking you on a journey, simultaneously maintain an alertness and connection to your internal stillness.

This internal stillness resides beyond the words spoken. It is an inherent feeling deep within. If I were to label this feeling, it would be presence and consciousness. While it’s true that a guided meditation can lead you to such a dimension, it is also more powerful if you come into this dimension on your own, whilst listening to the guide.

And when you implement this in your meditation practice, through time, you will naturally take this awareness into your external life as well. When you are running errands, are with family, at work or in any situation, you maintain a connection with this part of yourself. It may come and go, but you’ll definitely tap back into it with awareness.

That deep inner stillness is within you at all times. It is up to you to connect with it.

And when you do this, you begin to live with presence. You begin to live in mindfulness. It becomes a beautiful existence.

This end result is the same for silent meditations.

Yet, silent meditations are different because all you have is you, yourself and you. With this said, the thoughts can become louder. BUT… when you move past the thoughts, the experience becomes so profound. The stillness you experience becomes so much more powerful.

Imagine feeling, truly feeling, pure stillness. No thoughts, no guide, no music. And that’s what it simply is: pure stillness. It is an energy field that can be felt.

And that’s the thing with presence, stillness and consciousness. No words can fully describe it, because it is not for the mind to label it. It is for the being to embody it, and feel it.

Pure stillness is pure connection with being.  

Silent meditations also have the capability to move you deeper into healing and transforming. This is because you are working with the energy field within your own self. And no one knows what you need better than you. This is when the intelligence of your own formless energy has a chance to do it’s work on you.  

I recommend incorporating both guided and silent meditations into your practice. They will give you different experiences.

Some people find silent meditations a little daunting because its just too quiet. If this is the case for you, start with five minutes. And set the intention to feel the deep presence and stillness that a silent meditation can give you.

As with all things, practice brings comfort.

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