At the root of impatience? Fear.


Dear Everyone,

Let's talk about impatience... Then let's talk about patience...

There are different forms of impatience.

We can feel impatient with a teenager who will not clean his room. We can become impatient with the restaurant kitchen because their service is incredibly slow.

In this week’s blog, I want to specifically address impatience when it’s pertaining to a goal or desire we’ve set out to manifest. I know this is a topic most people struggle with, in at least one area of their life. It’s so common for us to want life to unfold on our timeline. We put in the effort, and expect results.

But what happens when the results don’t show up when we’d like them to?

When this happens, how do you handle it?
Do you feel discouraged?

I'm here to tell you please don’t feel discouraged. The energy associated with discouragement is heavy. It will lead to agitation, frustration and feelings of not being good enough.

The process of manifestation is a fragile one… No matter how long it takes for us to attain our goals and desires, we cannot lose hope, or feel discouraged.

At the core of manifestation is:

  • Knowing

  • Trust

  • Belief

Release your timeline.
And this will lead to a sense of calm.
When we are truly patient, we are very calm.

Patience comes from the heart; it does not come from the mind. If there is agitation, frustration or any form of mental irritation with what we are trying to be ‘patient’ with, then that is not true patience.

It's important to note at the core of impatience is fear.

And at the core of fear are projections made up by the mind.

Let’s use an example...
Say a single person really wants to be in a relationship. And she knows in her heart there is someone out there for everyone, and eventually everyone meets their match. But as she dates, she does not come across her match.

She wavers between a calm knowing that she will eventually meet her match, to an impatient discouragement.

Well if she allows the discouragement to take over, no matter how many dates she’s gone on, she's handed her power to her mind. She is giving all her attention to her fears.

And in this situation, what could be common fears?

Perhaps the fear of growing old alone.
Perhaps the fear of never having a family.

These could be valid fears, but they are also not facts. They are fear-based assumptions and projections.

The next time you find yourself agitated with something you were trying to be patient with, get to the root of your agitation: Address the fear that is making you agitated.

Remind yourself that fear is a projection of your mind. It does not have anything to do with the reality of the big picture of your life. Then train your mind to release this fear. Once this fear lifts, you will attain calmness again.

And a precaution: The fear will try and come back to haunt you over and over again... Because that is what the mind does… It comes back to remind you of your fears.

Give your power to your belief. Do not give your power to your fear.


As A Course in Miracles states, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

The key words are: “… certain of the outcome…”

True patience knows.
True patience comes from the heart.
True patience leaves the timing in the hands of Life.

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With Gratitude,