Does prayer work??


Do you pray?
What does prayer mean to you?
And if you pray, are you praying to an energy outside of you, or within you?

I pray.

When I pray, I do not associate my prayer to any religion. I simply speak with the energy field of the Universe. This energy field is within me, and also outside of me.

I believe in the power of prayer. And it has definitely played out in my own life.

So I wanted to write a blog, sharing the effects of prayer, with you.

But this blog would have to come from an objective lens, as all my blogs do… (Unless I’m sharing my personal story with you, and in the blog I include my personal thoughts and emotions).

So I did a lot of research on the effects prayer. I know it’s worked in my life. But is there evidence that it’s worked in everyone’s life?

And here’s what I came up with: The studies are mixed. There are some studies that absolutely proved the power of prayer. And there are other studies that concluded prayer does not work.

But from all the research I did, I noticed more studies proved that prayer does work.

And here’s another thing I noticed: The study of prayer is becoming more prevalent in recent times. For example, the NIH (National Institutes of Health, here in the USA) refused to even review a study with the word “prayer” in it until four years ago.

So if the studies are mixed, and we are just beginning to scratch the surface in our understanding of prayer, why write this blog?

For two reasons.

The first reason is, in my research, I came across something Deepak Chopra said that I felt was worth sharing with you:
What physicists are saying to us right now, is that there is a realm of reality which goes beyond the physical … where in fact we can influence each other from a distance. At the moment, I would agree that some of these studies are tentative, that we should be cautious in the way we interpret the results. But the studies are encouraging enough that we should pursue them, because if we don’t, we may have missed one of the most amazing phenomena in nature.

It's the last line that resonated with me.. The studies are encouraging enough that we should pursue them, because if we don’t, we may have missed one of the most amazing phenomena in nature.

So I have proceeded in writing this blog. It’s not because I have hard facts to share with you… But perhaps a plea to ask you to look into this topic more for yourself.

Of all the articles, and pieces in books I read trying to understand and research prayer, there is one that stood out. It was lengthy, but also thorough in the studies it shared about prayer. It included studies on both sides. And the Deepak Chopra statement I shared in this blog, also came from this article.

To read that article, click on this link.

I also ask you to look into this “amazing phenomena of nature” for yourself. At this point in our lives, we are understanding there is something wondrous, and true, about prayers. But we still do not have all the studies and vocabulary to make it a concrete part of our lives.

I feel one day we will have the evidence to prove the power of prayer.

And until that day comes, why not be ahead of the game, and try it out for yourself?

Which brings me to the second reason I’m writing this blog… If you don’t already have a conversation with the Universe, to encourage you to begin one.

You don’t have to label this conversation as prayer. Simply, acknowledge it as a dialogue with an energy field that runs through you, but is also greater than you, running through all of life.

If you don’t speak with Life, set intentions with Life… And expect Life to give you answers…Then you are missing out on an integral part of the spiritual journey.

Something I’ve heard many times: I talked to Life, but I don’t think it works. I never received an answer; my “prayer” was not answered.

Well here’s the thing… If you talked to Life and you did not get any answers, that doesn’t mean Life was not listening. Sometimes silence is one of the strongest answers we can get. Sometimes it takes years for the answers to be revealed to us.

In conclusion, what I do urge you to do is connect with Life. Not just in the form of meditation, but also in the form of words. Write in a journal your deepest needs and desires. Or speak them, quietly to yourself, after you’re done meditating. And expect to receive answers.

You know what the secret ingredient is to having all of this work?
BELIEVING that it will work.

If you don’t receive answers right away, keep going at it, with an open heart.

What I Know to Be True Based on My Personal Life Experiences:
Even in my hardest times, I never gave up. I continued talking to life. I remained open to receiving the answers. And you know what? Life has ALWAYS answered me. Sometimes it took months or years to receive my answer. I have known that the puzzle pieces of my life do not fall into place right away.

And you know what else I have experienced? The humbling beauty of miracles. Sometimes Life has stepped in, and blown me away.

So going back to the beginning of this blog…
Is there hard core evidence that all of this works?
Not quite yet.. But we are getting there.

My plea to you is to not wait for evidence outside you. But to create the evidence for yourself.

Trust me, it will be SO worth it!!

If you’ve had a conversation about prayers with anyone in your life, please share this blog with them. Perhaps it is the link to that article I shared, or the Deepak Chopra quote, that they need to read.

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Wishing you a wonderful day,