Your Purpose Part 2


In last week’s newsletter I wrote your purpose doesn’t necessarily have to be aligned with your career. But it is something you have to share. Your purpose is your gift, and it is meant to be shared with at least one other person, or a community of people.
A lot of people don’t move forward pursuing their purpose, because they think they have to make a career out of it, and then they get stuck.  
Don’t worry about that part.
Just follow your passion, do what makes you happy.
In this newsletter, I want to share an example of following through with what makes you happy, and then sharing your happiness with others.
Let’s say you had grown up on a farm. You love nature, and you especially love gardening.
You love planting seeds, nurturing them, seeing them grow and eating the fruits of your labor. The whole process fulfills you; gives you so much joy.
But right now you are not living anywhere near a farm. In fact, you are living in an apartment, in the middle of a busy, bustling city. You dream about one day retiring, moving out of the city, and onto a farm, where you can spend your days in the field.
However, those days of retirement seem so far away, not only because of time, but also because of money. You are not sure how you can retire and move to a farm when you are barely making ends meet.
You have a family of four to feed. You are living in a small apartment. You feel lost in the rat race of life. And all you want is to dig your hands into the Earth, feel the dirt, and let it soothe your soul.
Go ahead, and soothe your soul.
Do the gardening anyway, regardless of what your living conditions are. Don’t wait to do what makes you happy.
Since you are living in an apartment, with very limited space, go buy a ceramic pot that can house one vegetable plant. Buy some seeds, perhaps tomato seeds, and plant them in your pot.
Dig your fingers into the dirt. Feel the texture of the dirt. Plant your seeds. Water and nurture your plant. And enjoy the process of witnessing it form to life. Do not wait for a large farm to do so; do it now.
Then let’s say your small tomato bush produces a handful of tomatoes.
Take a couple for yourself and your family. Then share a couple with your neighbors or co-workers. What gives you joy, what fulfills your soul is meant to be shared with those around you.
So you have a very tiny garden. And you are sharing your very tiny harvest.
Keep doing this through time.
And you never know how life will come in and support your growth.
Life is here to support our growth, at all times. Our job is to walk the path; walk within the purpose of what makes us happy.
Don’t worry about the unfolding.
Just do your best each day.
Follow your heart.
And as you’re doing this… Perhaps one day… A co-worker whom you’ve been sharing your small harvest with comes to you, and asks if you can produce more.
She says her cousin was at her house for dinner. They had one of your tomatoes in the salad. And her cousin, who owns an Italian restaurant, loved the home-grown tomato so much, she wanted to buy some, and use it for sauces, for her restaurant’s menu.
You tell your co-worker you don’t have space for growing more tomatoes.
But the restaurant-owner loves your home-grown tomatoes so much, she allows you to use a plot of land in her backyard for your gardening.
So now, you are not only getting paid to grow your tomatoes, but space has been given to you for expanding your growth.
And you follow through with this new phase of life…
Don’t worry about the unfolding.
Just do your best each day.
Follow your heart.
Until life presents you with the next phase of life… And the next phase… And the next phase.
And that little tomato bush in your apartment not only gives you so much joy, but it also has the potential to give you enough money to buy your farm, after retirement.
The unfolding of life is a mystery at times.
But your life will unfold, as long as you take the first step.
What I shared with you is simply an example for someone who loves to garden.
What’s your passion?
Whatever your answer is, the key is to go out there and DO IT.
Don’t worry about the unfolding.
Just do your best each day.
Follow your heart.
Living within your purpose will lead not only to the fulfillment of your life, but also to the fulfillment of your soul’s obligation during this lifetime.
When we find the courage to step forward into our passion, life will then step in and assist our journey.
My 15-day meditation series Accept Believe Surrender will further assist with this process.
Don’t worry about the unfolding.
Just do your best each day.
Follow your heart.
If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please share it with them.
With Gratitude,