Three questions to ask, to understand your purpose

“What is my purpose?”
“How can I give my life more meaning and fulfillment?”
These questions are at the cornerstone of each human being’s experience during their lifetime.
And these are incredibly important questions, because they truly lead not only to the fulfillment of our life, but also to the fulfillment of our soul’s obligation during this lifetime.
While watching a TED Talk last week, I came across three questions Dr. Clint Rogers asked, leading a seeker to come into his/her purpose.
If you have twelve minutes, this TED Talk can be worth your time. He shares nuggets of wisdom that he learned from a Master Healer.
Around the eight-minute mark, he tells the audience the Master Healer taught him everything is either a medicine or a poison depending on how you use it.
He went on to share a very powerful statement, “Your life’s work can be a medicine or a poison depending on if it’s aligned with your purpose.”
The Master Healer then proceeded to reveal three questions to Dr. Clint Rogers that can assist anyone into coming to terms with what their purpose can be.
These three questions are:

  • If you knew you were going to succeed at whatever you did, what would you do or be?

  • If you knew you had a 100 million dollars in the bank, what would you do or be?

  • If you knew you only had six months left to live, what would you do or be?

{ The Master Healer also mentioned squeezing the Marma point on the right finger, on the right hand, six times, to remove subconscious blocks. To understand this, I recommend watching the full video }.

For the purposes of this newsletter, I simply want to share the above questions with you.
These three questions are simple, yet deeply profound.
Your purpose is something that is simply a part of you, something you define as part of your identity. Not only does it give you great joy; your joy is palpable to all those whom you come into contact with.
Does it have to be aligned with your career? Not necessarily. But it is something you have to share with the world, be it one other person, or a community of people. Our purpose is the gift we have to offer the world. For this reason, it is meant to be shared.

If you feel a gnawing feeling inside, like something in your life is not yet complete, ask yourself the three above questions.

Then ask yourself how you can share the answers you wrote with the people in your life.

And most importantly, IMPLEMENT AND FOLLOW THROUGH with your answers.

Just take tiny little steps each day, or even each week, to start out with. But make sure you do. Because once you do, you will definitely look back on 2019 and feel more fulfilled.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please share it with them.

With Gratitude,