Last chance for a free month!

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Dear Newsletter Family,

I haven't shared the Meditation Membership with any other platform, yet. You are the first ones I've shared this with.

And you are the ones who will get this exclusive offer of first month for free.

The free month bonus will expire on September 6, 2018.

Our first session will take place this Wednesday, September 5th. If you sign up, but cannot join the live session, I will be emailing you a recording of it.


Below see a detailed description of the membership I'm talking about:

My Why in Creating This Membership
There are lots of lectures and meditation groups, both online and in person. I haven’t found a meditation group where the lecture and meditations are specifically geared for the attendees.
What I find is the teacher chooses the topic to lecture on. And the teacher chooses the topic to meditate on.
What I will be doing is sending you a questionnaire before our time together. And based on the feedback I receive, I will be forming the lecture and meditation geared to the topic relevant to the group.
What This Is
My goal is to make our sessions together both:

  • Live group meditation
  • Group coaching

When it Will Take Place

Our sessions will take place on the 5th and 20th of each month.
How We Will Get Together

  • Via the video conference platform called Zoom.
  • With Zoom, you can turn your video on.
  • Or you can keep your video off to remain anonymous.
  • If you choose to not have video on, you can still turn audio on to ask questions without being seen.
  • Or you can keep both video and audio off and just listen.
  • I will be sending you a link to our Zoom conference before our time together.

Who This is For

  • These sessions are for both beginner and experienced meditators.
  • Anyone wanting a group meditation experience.
  • Anyone wanting to talk/ask questions about life, and their meditation experience.
  • Anyone wanting to expand their spiritual circle, and connect with other people’s stories.

Why Meditate with Me
On the Insight Timer app, home to 5 million meditators worldwide, I am in the top 5% of teachers. This ranking is based on the ratings and reviews of the meditations, plus how many times a teacher’s meditations are shared. There are 2200+ teachers on the app.
In the short amount of time that I’ve been a teacher on the Insight Timer app, my meditations have had over 1.06 million plays.
What to Expect from Our Time Together

  • Based on the answers I receive from the short survey I will send to you before each gathering, I will give a short lecture.
  • Then we will meditate together. If one of my already published meditations (on Podcast and Insight Timer) are relevant to the topic of the night, I will choose it, and we will meditate to it live together.
  • I will open up the forum for questions from you based on the topic of the night.
  • Then I will open up the forum for general question and answers, about any topic you choose to ask me.

What Happens if You Cannot Make the Live Meditation
You can view the session on your own. I will be recording each session and will be emailing it to you. I’ll be emailing the live session to everyone, whether you joined live or not.

  • “Thank you, Michelle, for your gift - your courses. They open a meditation for me, my inner freedom, my self-confidence. Namaste!” ~ Insight Timer meditator


  • “Thank you so much Michelle. With your help, I have been able to achieve a state of calmness like never before, I was able to transform from matter to my purest form of energy. It’s been amazing, please keep up the good work, I love referring people here. It’s been an amazing journey so far. Thank you 👏😇🙏🏻” ~ Insight Timer meditator


  • “This was so profound and life changing for me! Thank you so much for bringing such a healing and peace and love infusing program into my life and the lives of others. I really want to share it with everyone I know! 🙏” ~ Insight Timer meditator

Monthly Membership Cost

  • Two group coaching and live meditation sessions $7/month
  • First month FREE

You may cancel at any time without any penalties.
I look forward to connecting with you via this membership!
If you know of anyone who could benefit from such a membership, please forward this email to them!
I wish you a lovely week, and look forward to connecting with you on September 5th!
With Gratitude,