The Secret Ingredient to Getting What You Want


Dear Newsletter Family,
Before anything becomes form, it is formless.
A desire to educate the children in third world countries becomes a non-profit organization to build schools.
A conversation amongst friends to help the homeless turns into a fundraiser, then a distribution of the funds.
Ideas expressed in a boardroom turn into into a project to enhance the future of a company.
And the list goes on…
Look around the room, the space, you are in. Every single item around you was once a formless idea before it turned into something tangible.
It takes a lot of work to design, produce and distribute any idea. Some aspects of this process will flow seamlessly. Other aspects of this process will stop us in our tracks, and make us dig deeper, in order to move forward.
It’s easy when the going is easy.

  • But what keeps a project going when the going gets tough?

  • What keeps a person going when life gets tough?

The answer to both questions above is BELIEF.
The secret ingredient to keep any project or dream going, is belief.
The energy of belief is formless. And formless energy is imperative to laying the foundation for the form to arise. This may be a concept you haven’t put a lot of thought into before. Because generally, to lay a foundation for anything, we think of tangible, solid. Like the roots of a tree or the foundation deep in the ground for a building to be built upon.
But in order for any project or dream to move forward, we have to first envision it in our minds, and feel it in our hearts. And visions and feelings are of the formless. They consist of formless energy.
First you visualize, then you feel. But in order for the process to continue, you must believe.

Believe it is possible.
Believe you deserve it.
Believe there is a way out of the darkness.

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase:
The number one killer of dreams is doubt.
This phrase is true.
Because when the going gets tough, the first thing people lose is belief. The doubt starts creeping in and taking over all possibilities of the project or the dream being possible.
This also relates to health. Two people get the same diagnosis. And the one who believes he/she will be healed is one who will have a far greater chance of actually being healed.
So how does a person stop doubt?
By recognizing as soon as possible that the doubt has crept in, and stopping it in it’s tracks. If we don’t stop doubt, it is one of those energy fields that expands on itself… And rapidly.
Also by reaffirming your belief and listing all the reasons why your project, dream, health, relationship and financial abundance is possible.
Doubt makes everything fall apart.
Belief holds everything in place.
And ultimately, it’s a choice we make.
We can have all the reasons to doubt.
And we can have all the reasons to believe.
Which one we side with is up to us.
If you know of anyone who can benefit from the message of this newsletter, please share it with them.
I wish you a lovely week!
With Gratitude,