Question for you...

Dear Newsletter Family,

I want to create a new service. And I want to create it based on your feedback.

The service will be a monthly session of group coaching and live meditation. It will all be done online, so you can join no matter where you live.

I will send an email with full details on the service in an upcoming newsletter.

But a quick bullet point of this service is:

  • Before each session, I send a questionnaire to you, asking what is on your mind... What is an issue in your life you'd like to talk about.
  • Based on the feedback I get, I structure a lecture around your topics of concern.
  • We do a live group meditation.
  • We follow the live group meditation with questions and answers.

  This will be the structure of each session.

My question to you is which of the packages below would you choose as a monthly subscription?

1 session per month together for $5/month

2 sessions per month together for $7/month

2 sessions per month
With an extra hour just dedicated to coaching, every other month
For $9/month

Will you please reply back to this email with your choice of A, B or C?

I'll read each response, but will not be replying back.

I look forward to connecting with you in this way!

With Gratitude,