How to Allow the Wisdom of Life to Flow Through You

Dear Newsletter Family,
I’m often asked how to become a meditation teacher, by those wanting to guide as well.
I always answer with my three main responsibilities as a meditation and spiritual teacher. And I’ll share them here with you, because it can apply to you, no matter what profession you are in; no matter if you’re working, or not.

These three responsibilities ring true for any person wanting the wisdom of life to flow through them.
In this blog, I’ll be using myself and my beliefs as an example. But the concepts I talk about will also apply to you. It is WHO WE ARE ON THE INSIDE that matters.
My Three Responsibilities:


  • Never stop learning

I never stop attaining as much knowledge as I can about my field.
I never become comfortable with the information I know, because I can always learn more.
I consider myself both a student and a teacher of life.


  • Make sure I have my ego in check

 It will be a disservice to the people who come to me if I guide from a place of ego versus the heart.
I know the truth of our life resides in our heart, not in our ego. Ego is an individual journey of fear, judgment, or any form of negativity. So I make sure, and am very aware to come from my heart, versus the mind.
And actually coming from the heart versus the mind allows me to be objective in my stance. For me, to be subjective is to bring in my own emotions and past experiences into the conversation. I do use examples of my own life story. But I don't allow my story to mix with other people’s stories.  


  • Forgiveness

Forgiveness is such a huge part of my journey, both as an individual and a teacher. I make sure to forgive and release any aspect of my life that may have bothered or hurt me. Because I know if I don’t release the negativity, it will carry a home within me.
And if negativity carries a home within me, it will trickle out onto all aspects of my life and my decision making process. This includes my work.
So it is imperative for me to forgive.
And forgiveness also helps keep my ego in check.
It is so important for me to be a clear vessel.
Before each time I sit to write, to speak to one person, or many people, or to record a meditation, I pray. I pray to be a vessel of the highest good for the guidance and the teaching.
And a lot of times, I will say something, or write something, that simply flowed out of me. It was not something I intended to say, but it made complete sense, in context to what I was teaching.
I cherish and honor these moments, especially if I'm giving personal guidance to someone about their life. Because I know it was not me. It was the wisdom of life flowing through me.

If you would like to understand forgiveness better, or if you are ready to release the past and move into your highest good, I highly suggest taking my 10 Day Forgiveness Course that will be released the end of July, on the Insight Timer app.
To read an outline of the what the course entails,
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Ultimately forgiveness becomes an act of self interest, and leads to empowerment.
It is a gift we give ourselves. It has nothing to do with the other person, or even our old selves, if we need to forgive ourselves.
Forgiveness becomes a powerful tool for our present moment, and for our future.
It is a process. We embark on a journey to forgive and heal. And once we are on this journey, we realize how beautiful and powerful it truly is.
I hope you’ll join me on the 10 day journey of the Forgiveness Course.
It can be found on the Insight Timer app, at the end of July.

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I wish you a lovely week!
With Gratitude,