Psychology of Awakening - Book Recommendation

Dear Newsletter Family,

I have a book that I’m excited to share with you!

And it’s a book that I highly recommend, especially if you are on the path of spirituality and meditation. The book is called The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening by Steve Taylor.

This is actually an Eckhart Tolle Edition Book. And Eckhart Tolle himself has written the forward.
This book explains the process of awakening.

There are basically two forms of awakening. One is sudden awakening, which doesn’t happen to many people. The other form of awakening is gradual awakening, where we move into deeper dimensions of ourselves, through time.
And if you are a meditator, that is a path that you are on… You’re on the path of awakening.

This author explains what to look for on this path, and what the path of awakening really is.

I'll share with you just two nuggets of information - from the MANY that can be found in this book...

  • He explains before we move into a deeper dimension within ourselves, before we become more awakened, we go through a period of turmoil, chaos and depression. We go through this, and then we move deeper into ourselves.

So it’s all a normal part of the process.

  • And also, when we do move deeper into ourselves, it takes some time to settle into the new dimension of ourselves. It doesn’t happen right away… Unless you go through sudden awakening.

Please know he spends so much time explaining and talking about the two points I mentioned above. But for the purpose of this newsletter, I simply want to paraphrase for you.
And while I was reading this book, it really reminded me of the concepts I talk about and guide in my meditation series titled Path to Presence Part 2.

Path to Presence Part 2 is a five day meditation series. To begin meditating with Day 1 of the series on Insight Timer, click here.
I believe the more knowledge we have about something, the more it will enhance our experience.

It is for this reason I'm always guiding about life during my meditations.

And this book will also enhance your meditation practice because of the deep knowledge it provides for the path of awakening.

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I wish you an enlightened week!

With Gratitude,