If You Feel Your Life is Falling Apart, Do This...


Dear Newsletter Family,
You’ve felt your life falling apart... You’ve had to. It’s a very natural part of our existence.
When faced with such a circumstance, there a few things to do:

  • Take notice and observe why this is happening. Do not take any action in the beginning. Merely be an observer of it.
  • Notice if you were on a good path and all of a sudden, things began falling apart?
  • Let the dust settle. Then take action.

Below, I will break down each of the three points from above:
Do not take any action in the beginning.
There is a reason your life is falling apart. Let it.

  • You are under too much pressure and need to make changes accordingly to modify your life balance.
  • The old way of being is not serving your evolution and you need to make room for a new version of yourself to grow.
  • The natural flow of life has contractions and expansions. And once you feel a contraction happening (life seeming like it’s falling apart or not making sense anymore), be patient. This period will follow a period of expansion.

This is all part of the natural ebb and flow of life.
The key is to not be identified by the contraction and feel it will not ever go away.
It will go away.
You know what will keep you going?
That small mustard seed of
faith inside you. Hang on to that. Nurture it by constantly reminding yourself of it.
Were you on a good path and all of a sudden you feel you tripped, out of nowhere?

  • Let it be. Trip. You will get back up stronger.
  • In the grand scheme of your life, everything will be accounted for. It may not make sense in this moment, but it will definitely make sense as you look back.
  • As Steve Jobs once said, “You cannot connect the dots of your life looking forward. You can only connect the dots of your life looking backwards.”

Let the dust settle. Then take action.

  • It is best to not take action right away, when you feel your life falling apart. Give yourself some space before moving from point A to point B.
  • Honor the space between not anymore and not yet.

Feel the discomfort.
This discomfort is trying to get you out of your comfort zone.
Coming out of your comfort zone is a catalyst for growth.
So sit within this discomfort for some time.

Then take action.
In the big picture of your life, the bumps along the road are very normal. We cannot grow into the full potential of ourselves if we move idly along. We need to be shaken and stirred from time to time.
And when we land our feet back on the ground, we won't be the same person. We'll have grown a little. We will have moved deeper into our courage and strength.
Courage and strength:
Such important traits to live the best version of ourselves.
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With Gratitude,
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