Life Falling Apart... Part 2


Dear Newsletter Family,
I received many responses to the newsletter I published two weeks ago. You mentioned you’re going through such a situation in your life. I'm happy to know the article If You Feel Your Life is Falling Apart, Do This... was helpful for you.
In case you didn't get a chance to read it, click here for the article.
This past week, I was listening to a lecture by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
He mentioned an analogy that I felt fit the article I had written for you. I want to share the analogy with you, because sometimes hearing about and learning of life from different perspectives helps us embody the information better.
Below is what Dr. Wayne Dyer said:
In order to move to the next level, generally you experience a fall. Advancements are usually preceded by a fall of one kind or another. And in order to generate the energy to get to a higher place, you must first experience a fall. It’s like when I was a high jumper on the track team, I would run up to the bar, and I would get down as low as I could get, and then it was by the process of getting down low, that I could propel myself to a higher level. That's the metaphor. And you have to be grateful for those falls.
I have also released a meditation that is line with the concept of this newsletter. The meditation is Day 1 of Path to Presence Part 2. It can be found on Podcast and the Insight Timer app.
I suggest meditating to the above meditation.
It will go hand in hand with this newsletter, as well as the newsletter from May 8th.
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I wish you a week filled with strength!
With Gratitude,