The Most Effective Way to Assist Someone

Dear Newsletter Family,

Have you had a friend come to your for some advice?
Do you have a family member who needs help releasing old habit patterns?
Do you work with a colleague who seems very lazy?
At your work, are you in a position to give guidance?

I'm sure at least one of the above scenarios apply to you.

And the issue I want to address in this week's newsletter is the most effective way to assist someone.

When you're assisting someone, always side with their strengths versus their weaknesses.

It’s important to acknowledge the weaknesses, but that is not where the focal point should be. Nobody will improve when their weaknesses are the subject matter.

Finding strengths in a person will lead to improvement.
Whether we are trying to help them come out of a mindset, a habit pattern that is not serving them, or we want to assist them in coming out of the old them and into the new version of themselves. Whatever we are trying to achieve, it is done best by focusing on their strengths.
I have a quote by Booker T. Washington that goes along with what I’m explaining:
There’s two ways to exert strength: One is by pulling down. The other is by pushing up.
When we focus on a person’s weakness, we pull them down.
When we focus on a person’s strengths, we push them up.

And think of the energy behind the two words:
Weakness = Contracting
Strength = Expanding

Focus on the strengths, to focus on the expansion.

Lift the person up into who they are meant to be, into living their fullest life.

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I wish you a lovely week!

With Gratitude,