Join My Journey: Stopping the Dialogue in My Mind

Dear Lovely Spiritual Being,

I had gone on an all day hike with my friend this past weekend. And I recorded my journey to share with you, and also to share some life lessons I came across throughout the hike...

In the first scene, I share the peaceful energy of Mother Earth with you (wish you were standing there to feel it too!).

As I'm standing by the waterfall, there are also birds chirping in the background. Yet, the stillness I feel in this spot of the hike is so beautiful. It overpowers the sound of the waterfall and birds.

And such is the energy of our beautiful Mother Earth - so encompassing and powerful.

In the scene where I’m standing by the branches, if you look closely, there are also leaves growing from the tips of the branches. There is so much we can learn about nature, and correlate it to our own lives. (I included a photo for you to view it better, within the video).

In this segment, I show you how if something looks like it may be dying (such as the branches in this tree), do not take it as bad change. Change is not always bad.

And if we are open to receiving, what could seem like a dying phase in our life, could actually be a new phase ready to grow. The old could be giving way for new life to be born.

This could be a new phase of our life. It could be a new version of ourselves.

So its important to remain open and allow the process of unfolding to continue.
In the last scene, I explain the part of the hike that became difficult for me. The whole 5 miles up was uphill. And in a particular stretch, it became really hot, my ankle started to hurt, I was hungry and thirsty. We wanted to get to a particular area for lunch and it was taking longer to get there than we had anticipated.

So a dialogue began in my mind, with life and the trail. The running dialogue was, “When are we going to get there?... When are we going to get there?”

We briefly stopped, so I could drink some water. And in that moment, I re-centered myself. I stopped that dialogue. I dug deeper into my patience. And I came back to the present moment.

And once I did that, I was able to enjoy the hike again. I could hear the birds chirp, and the breeze on my face again.
So what I want to share about that moment of my hike is a lesson for all of us…
Things don’t always take the amount of time we’d like them to.
They usually take longer.

And if we can release the inner dialogue “When am I going to get there?,” we'll actually be able to enjoy the journey.

Because truly, when we stop to look around, the journey to our destination is so beautiful.

This destination could be a lunch spot on a hiking path or it could be your big dreams in life.

The point is to bring presence to every step of the way.

It's all okay... You will get there. Let go of the element of time and just enjoy the moment.
By doing this, the feeling you will gain once you reach the top/destination/dream will be so much more appealing.

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I wish you an amazing week!

With Gratitude,