Why the Path of Meditation Becomes More Beautiful the Longer We Do It

Hello Newsletter Family!


You may have heard me encouraging you to continue your meditation practice… Letting you know the path becomes more beautiful the longer you do it.

In this newsletter, I want to explain this further for you.

At the core and essence of each of us, we are the same. The internal world of each person carries the same energy. It is our external appearance and life circumstances that vary.

At the core we are love, compassion and joy.

In next week’s newsletter I will explain further why love is the essence of who we are.

In this week’s newsletter, I want to explain that life can be filled with misunderstandings, pain and setbacks. Imagine each time a misunderstanding, pain or setback happening to you, a knot forms within you. Depending on the circumstances, this knot could be big or small.

Knots cloud our vision from seeing truth. Knots do not allow us to trust. Knots block us from the essence of who we are – love, compassion and joy.

Meditation releases and undoes these knots.

Each conscious breath that you take becomes a release for these knots. Unknowing to you, you are releasing and undoing these knots little by little through your meditation practice. That is how powerful each conscious breath is.

And there are times when you actually feel you’ve undone these knots. Have you had an a-ha moment during your meditation sitting? Have you all of a sudden felt lighter? Have you shed a tear or two during your sitting?

All of these are indicators that you have released.

(By the way, tears have two meanings: Either you have released, or you have touched the beauty of your internal world. And sometimes we do both in the same sitting, release and then move deeper into our internal world).

And if some issues keep coming up repeatedly, allow them. Do not get frustrated. We carry different layers of situations within us. This is definitely the case when it comes to forgiveness.

You may have thought you had forgiven the person or situation and moved on… But one day, during your meditation sitting, they come up again, as if they you had not done any work in the past. As if the situation is brand new all over again.

It is not brand new. It is just coming up for review, to be released, from a deeper part of yourself. If a situation comes up repeatedly, it was a big knot.

So without any extra emotions, just give it presence. Presence will dissolve it. We do this enough times until one day the situation is completely dissolved.

And the more we release, the longer we commit to a meditation practice (by ‘longer’ I mean weeks, months and years), the more of a connection we make with our essence. The more we connect with our love, peace and compassion.

Through a continued meditation practice, we begin to live from our essence. If we get triggered or upset, it becomes so much easier for us to realign ourselves with our essence.

The path of the internal world is infinite. There is an infinite amount of love, peace and compassion we can tap into. And the deeper we go, the more beautiful and humbling the feelings become.

That is why meditation is a gift.

That is why meditation is a blessing.

That is why I thank each meditator for giving themselves this beautiful gift.

I want each person in this world to make a connection with the beauty of their internal world.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please forward it to them.

I wish each of you a blessed week!

With Gratitude,