Why Pain is Necessary

Hello Newsletter Family!

Today’s topic is one that is unavoidable in all of our lives: Pain.

Pain is a natural part of our existence, and actually serves a grander purpose, if we allow it to.

This life is full of contrasts. There is duality for everything. Sadness is matched with happiness. Winter is matched with summer. There is an opposite to everything we experience.

So what is the opposite of pain?

And why do we need depth? Why do we have to feel so bad in order to go deeper?
Because within our depth resides our peace, our connection with life and our strength.

Have you noticed when you experience deep pain you seem to move into another dimension? You feel raw. You feel exposed. You feel like you may be coming out of your body.

From a spiritual standpoint, when we feel this way after a painful situation, we are actually moving deeper within ourselves. A portal is being carved into our Being. And the carving of this portal hurts.

The thing is, most people remain stuck in the pain. They close up to possibilities, and close up to anything good that could come out of the painful situation.

If we allow darkness to completely take over, it can feel suffocating. The mind loves this kind of cycle. But we don’t need to take darkness so far that we add more and more mind-created pain to our already painful situation.

The truth is, life does not give us pain without giving us an opportunity to tap deeper into our light. We just have to find the balance of feeling the pain, learning the lessons, while not forgetting about the light waiting for us.

And this is true for all cases.

The most painful experience of my life was the passing away of my father. He died instantly from a heart attack while he was jogging.

The pain I experienced was unlike any other pain. When I cried, I felt as though each cell in my body was crying.

But I knew to remain open to what was on the other side of my pain. I continued my meditation sitting each day, even though many days it was hard to even close my eyes. But I felt the pain and remained open to what was on the other side.

Through time, what came through me was a deep connection with life. It was deep acceptance of what is. And ultimately this deep connection with life and acceptance of what is lead me deep into my peace.

Life has an interesting way of connecting with us. Sometimes the way it presents these connections to our peace and so forth, initially make us want to run away. But running away will not solve anything. It will only make matters worse.

The path is not always easy. But if we remain open to what is on the other side of our pain, we will not be let down.

The key is to not be identified by pain. The key is to not carry painful situations with us through all of life. Learn what you need to. Carry the lessons with you. And release the rest.

The deeper your pain, the more light is waiting for you on the other side.

Just remain open to receive.

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I wish each of you an enlightening week!

With Gratitude,