Why Love is the Essence of Who We Are

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An FYI.. Our new meditation series titled “Accept.Believe.Surrender.” was released yesterday on Insight Timer. And it was released on February 10th on Podcast.

Since some countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February, I want to reintroduce this video and topic to you. I had shared it in a previous newsletter. However, this video and topic are not about romantic love, but love as an energy, as the essence of who we are.

I received a question from a member of this newsletter, and I felt I should answer it via video because a lot of people probably have the same question.

The question is, “Michelle, I hear everywhere that I am love at my essence. What does this really mean? I know love is an emotion; it is a sentiment. What does it mean when I keep hearing that I am love at my essence?”

To answer, I want to first break down the human being for you…

At the very core of humans, we function on one of two emotions: fear or love.

Fear is mind-made. It is the worry, doubt, judgment that runs through our minds. Fear comes from the ego part of our mind. It is not a natural part of who we are. It’s the result of excessive thoughts.

Love is not created by the mind. It is who we naturally are.

Look at babies. They do not have fear. But they have a lot of joy and love for learning, love for life. When we consciously make decisions based on love, we are functioning from that innate part of ourselves.

At the core of decisions, just like at the core of human beings, we function on love or fear.

For example, if you don’t go forward with a career move because you are afraid of what people may think of you, you are functioning off fear. You are not honoring the essence of who you are.

Now let’s talk about the difference between danger and fear…

Dangerous situations harm ourselves or they harm others. We should not put ourselves in these kinds of situations. Realize when a situation is putting you in danger, or its holding you back. Once you recognize the difference, you’ll be able to differentiate between danger or fear.

Fear is the mindset that holds you back, makes you doubt. It even tries to ‘protect’ you by giving worse-case scenarios. But if you’re not careful, these worse-case scenarios will cause fear and hold you back. Work around them. Don’t be blocked by them.

Decisions made from a place of love feel good. They are a guide to finding and living within our purpose.

The simplicity is this: Positive decisions feel good. Negative decisions don’t feel good. Positive emotions align us with our purpose. Negative emotions don’t align us with our purpose.

When we live our life in purpose, honoring our journey, we flow. When we flow with life, we move into alignment with the Universe. The Universe flows. The Universe does not have fear.

It is our essence to flow. We are not meant to resist life or our path. Flow is the same energy as love. (Think of a time when you were in love with another person. Everything just seemed to flow around you).

Always go forward with the energy of love. Your future self will thank you.

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I wish each of a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,