What 'Mustard Seed of Faith' Means

Hello Newsletter Family!

What does it really mean to have a mustard seed of faith? Have you thought about that? Have you imagined what that looks like?

For me, when I think of a mustard seed of faith, it is a tiny white speck within my heart. That is how I imagine it to be.

But within this tiny speck is a knowing.

And that is how it is for each of us. It is first a tiny seed of knowing.

When we want something, we have to go forward without doubt. We have to believe without a shadow of a doubt that what we want is ours. And you know what will carry us through the turbulent doubt and fear that our mind will project upon us?

That tiny seed, that tiny speck of knowing.

Become aware of this tiny seed within you. Make a connection with it. At first the connection will be fleeting. But you need to maintain awareness.

Become conscious of your thoughts. Recognize when the doubt, worry and fear are trickling in. It will be easy to recognize them because doubt, worry and fear are very loud. The trick is recognizing them and not giving in to them sooner rather than later.

So recognize your thoughts. And if your thoughts are not serving you, go back to that tiny seed within you. Take a conscious breath into that seed. Make a connection with it, connect to that knowing within you.

Each time you do this, each time you consciously choose to make a connection with the tiny seed of knowing within you, you give it life.

Imagine it truly as a seed. And each connection grows that seed. It will take time to nurture this seed into full growth. But soon enough, it will blossom.

You will see the ‘fruits of your seed’ in due time. And do not stop there. Continue to make a conscious connection with the small growths of your efforts. In each phase we are in, our doubt, worry and fear will want to have a say.

But go back to that knowing within you. Breathe into it. And again, before you know it, that mustard seed of faith will have grown from a small blossom into a tree, and then into an orchard.

It may seem incomprehensible for the mind to grasp that all of our dreams can come from a mustard seed of faith. Just like it may be incomprehensible for the mind to grasp the true vastness of the universe.

These concepts are to be felt before they are to be experienced. They come from the heart, not the mind.

Follow that knowing that is deep within you. Each time the mind tries to take over, become aware. Then breathe into that knowing. You will give your knowing/your mustard seed life.

Move forward with faith. Move forward in belief.

And it is these concepts that we cannot see but can feel that will give way to our dreams coming into life.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please share it with them.

I wish each of you a blessed week!

With Gratitude,