Time Management

Hello Newsletter Family!

Continuing on with the newsletter I had sent you last week about goal setting and New Years resolutions, this week I want to show you that you have enough time in your week to do what you’d like.

Let’s look at the hours in one week and the primary obligations most people have…

24 hours per day x 7 days per week = 168 hours per week
56 hours per week for sleep (based on 8 hours per night)
48 hours per week for work (includes commute time)
12 hours per week for eating
40 hours per week for child care

Once we deduct the hours we dedicate to our primary obligations, we are left with 12 hours to do whatever we’d like. And if we do not have children to take care of, that number jumps up to 52 hours per week.

These numbers are an estimation. Look at your own life accordingly.

The point of this newsletter is to show you that you do have the time. It takes awareness of time. It takes management of time.

You do have the time to work out, volunteer, read a book, pick up a hobby…

If we do not manage our time, it will fly away.

Have you experienced those lazy days when you just sat around, and before you knew it, it was afternoon, then evening?

Because if we do not tell our time how it should be allocated, it will fly away…

So the next time you feel overwhelmed, take a look at the hours in your week from a big picture perspective. Write out everything you have to get done and the number of hours it takes. Then realize how much time is left over for you.

We are all given the same number of hours per week. It is up to us how we decide to use those hours.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, please share it with them.

I wish each of you a productive week!

With Gratitude,