The Universe is Inside You

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“You are the universe… The universe is inside you… We are all comprised of stardust”
What do these terms mean, really?

Let’s break this down…

There is an energy at the core of our existence. This subtle, yet powerful energy leads to growth and expansion. It is at the core of all organisms. It is at the core of the universe.

It is easy to witness the growth of flowers and eagles.

And we can say it is easy to witness the growth of humans, from a physical standpoint. But humans are here to do more than grow physically. We are here to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are here to fulfill a purpose, to find meaning in life. Our purpose and the meaning of life is deep within each of us. And we have to go through mental, emotional and spiritual growth in order to make a connection with this internal dimension.

It is through these growths that we are able to expand our life.

The irony of expansion is contraction at first. We need to go through a breakdown of various degrees in order to reach the light that is within.

The term ‘light’ can also be referred to the energy that I was talking about at the beginning of this newsletter: The energy that is at the core of our existence.

Our light, our deep internal energy, is the same as that of the universe. When we make a connection with this energy, we tap into Universal Consciousness and Universal Intelligence.

This connection is necessary for our growth and expansion. But we have to break down to get to this Universal Energy. Other organisms do not have to go through a break down process. Their purpose is not as complex as ours.

Going through a breakdown is one way of reaching this Universal Energy. During any breakdown or hardship, there is always an opportunity for us to actually tap into this light. (To understand this concept further, I suggest reading my newsletter from May 8th titled Why Pain is Necessary).

Another way of reaching this Universal Energy is through meditation.

During a meditation sitting, when you make a connection with that deep space within, you are tapping into the same energy that governs all expansion and growth. It is away from mind chatter and thought.

It has a presence all its own, yet it is very subtle. It is the space of ‘no-thing.’ This space of ‘no-thing’ is simply that: Space. But when we tap into this space, we tap into the energy of the universe, the energy that leads to our expansion.

And isn’t it interesting that we just have to be to tap into this space?

This is why meditation is such a great tool for connecting with our purpose and intuition. It connects us with that energy necessary for the expansion of our life.

And when we understand the power of this energy, it becomes easier to surrender to life.

When we connect with this energy, life makes a connection back with us.

And life assists us in reaching our growth and potential. Just like life assists flowers, eagles and other organisms in reaching their potential.

All life is governed by this underlying energy.

At the very core of each individual is the energy of stardust and space and other organisms. Once we connect with that space, we live within a metaphysical dimension. We live within the energy that will assist our growth, metaphysically.

The key?
Releasing the chatter of the mind through meditation and/or accepting our breakdown and knowing there is an opportunity for our light on the other side. (This sounds daunting because when we are in the middle of a breakdown, it is not easy to think of light. But always know there is an opportunity for peace and expansion attached to each situation if we are open to receiving it).

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I wish each of you an enlightening week!

With Gratitude,