The Truth About Judgment

Actual Video Length: 2.50 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

In today’s video, I talk about judgment.. And I want to emphasize to you to not take someone’s judgment too seriously.

With seven billion people on this planet, there will be a lot of opinions, feedback and judgment coming in from all different directions.

There’s two things I want to point out when it comes to receiving opinions or judgments from other people.

The first one is:
Generally, when people are talking to us, they’re talking to us subjectively from the lens of their own life – from the lens of their own past experiences, and their own past pains. They feel free to judge us or give us feedback based on this biased perception.

And what they have to say may or may not be for our highest good.

We are all on our own unique path. We all have certain things we need to learn in this lifetime, go through in this lifetime..

And we have to be careful if someone is judging us from the lens of their life or giving us objective feedback that will be for our own highest good.

The second thing I want to mention about judgment is:
You will feel in your heart when someone gives a judgment or their opinion/feedback if it’s something you should listen to..

Because the truth of your life and the truth of your path is in your heart – its inside – its already within your Being. If somebody brings something to your attention that strikes a chord in your heart, then perhaps its a moment to listen to it.

If it doesn’t resonate and its just news and information, opinions and feedback coming towards you but it doesn’t really have a lot of relevance for your heart and your life, then you may want to dismiss it. And continue to honor what is in your highest good.

So.. Lots of opinions out there – but its one person’s perspective. Its up to you to recognize if it follows your truth, and to listen to them or not.

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