The First Step to Financial Abundance

Hello Newsletter Family!

I’d like to share the first step to financial abundance with you. This step is so simple, yet so incredibly profound. But before I share this step with you, I’ll share a little about my perspective when it comes to money and financial abundance…

I am not a spiritual teacher who believes we have to renounce money to be on the path of spirituality. I do believe money should be shared. And by sharing, I mean giving back.

The more we acquire, the more we should give back to organizations and charities that are close to our heart. This world needs balance. And to those whom much is given, much should be shared.

To give and receive are one in truth.

Money is energy: Anything that is exchanged has an energy to it.

We pay a charity a certain amount of money. And that energy we give will come back to us. It will come back in the form of a blessing of some sort.

That is law: The energy we put out, we will receive.

My teachings lean towards abundance versus lack. My teachings lean towards expansion versus contraction.

And I use meditation as a tool for moving into abundance and expansion. The truth is our Higher Self does not know lack. Our soul is meant to expand. And the same is true for our lives.

Meditation becomes a training of the mind. Through a continued meditation practice, we become aware of our thoughts. We learn to release negative thoughts. We learn our essence is meant to feel good. And we work towards maintaining this feel-good state.

And this leads me to the first step towards financial abundance:
Train your mind to focus on what you do have. No matter the amount of money that is in your possession, focus on that.
Be grateful for it.

If you focus on how much you do not have… If you focus on your bills piling up… Then that will be reality you create.

Thoughts become form on some level.

So if you focus on the lack in your life, you will keep yourself in a state of lack.

If you focus on how much you do have, you will move yourself into a state of abundance.

Lack is constricting.
Abundance is expanding.

Focus on the abundance – even if your abundance only gets you to the end of the day or week — for now.

Train your mind to see the good. Train your mind to tap into expansion.

Let me state this another way:
You can’t expect something to come to you when you are focused on the absence of it.

What you focus on expands. What you give your attention to persists.

It’s the same concept in the meditations when I say to release thoughts that are negative or frustrating. By holding on to them, we simply give them more energy, to continue living within us.

Can it really be that simple?


Stretch your mind to see your life differently. Your life is a reflection of your internal state. And if all you see is your money dwindling away from you, then that is the reality you will create.

Turn this reality around. Feel the money you do have. Be grateful for it. Imagine this money expanding on itself. And no matter what, maintain this state of mind.

It will only be a matter of time before your external world will follow your internal world.

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I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,