Releasing the Concept of Time

Hello Newsletter Family!

Have you thought about what your life would feel like if you released the concept of time from the big picture of your life?

I’m not talking about time in the micro-sense, like getting to appointments and waking up at a certain hour to get ready for work. I’m talking about time in the macro-sense, like when you will reach a certain milestone in your life.

The spiritual dimension does not know the concept of time since it only knows eternity. The concept of time is man-made.

Here is why time does not serve us:

  • The past is done. We have to learn the lessons to become better people and move on. And when we think of the past, it is usually situations that are not in our highest good (our mind loves to place these situations on repeat).
  • The future is not here yet. The way to create the best future is not to incessantly think or worry about it. The way to create the best future is to set our intentions for it, and live fully in the present moment. The quality of our future is determined by the quality of our present moment.
  • We are not all meant to go through certain life milestones at the same time. And if we compare ourselves to those around us, we only rob ourselves from the quality of our present moment. – Remember, the quality of our future is determined by the quality of our present moment.
  • Life will not move us to the next level until it knows we are ready for the next level. So instead of becoming fixated on time, become fixated on working towards your goals with ease. This mentality will actually put you into alignment with the present moment, moving you towards your goals in a more fluid way.

Too much past and not enough presence results in guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness and non-forgiveness.

Too much future and not enough presence results in unease, anxiety, tension, stress and worry.

What if each time the past came to you, you made a conscious effort to bring yourself to the moment at hand? — This will lead to mind mastery.

What if you set your intentions for your future-self and released the timing of the outcome? Imagine how many negative emotions you will release from your mind.

When we surrender the concept of time, we move into the spiritual dimension.

Presence cannot be grasped by the mind. Presence can be grasped by the Being.

And presence is where the quality of our life resides.

There is Divine timing and order in all things. We may not understand why we do not have a certain milestone in our life right now. But once it does come, and we reflect on our life in hindsight, we come to realize the timing of Life is always spot on.

We are only given as much as we can handle or have the space for.

So if you’d like to be in a relationship, work on forgiving past relationships that may be taking up too much space within you. Open up this space.

If you would like to be at a certain place within your career, work on fine tuning your skills and moving past your comfort zone.

And through it all, release the concept of time and enjoy the ride.

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I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,