Looking at Everything with New Eyes

Video Length: 3.85 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

With today’s video, I share with you a small paragraph from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. This large book has several parts to it. One part is text. Another part is workbook.

The workbook of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) consists of 365 lessons. It is a self-study course. And a mind training. The first half of the workbook/lessons breaks our mind from thoughts of fear down. The second half of the workbook builds us back up into our essence, which is love.

Both the text and workbook are so beautiful and powerful.

I’ve done them several times, and will continue to repeat. I’m a lifelong student of this self-study course. Every time I do it over again, I find new aspects of this life and internal world I’m able to tap into.

This book explains the ego part of our mind more powerfully than anything I have come across. It changes you to the core.

The small paragraph I want to share with you is: All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. The scent of flowers is their gift to you. The waves bow down before you and the trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat, and lay their leaves before you on the ground that you may walk in softness, while the wind sings to a whisper round your holy head.

I’ve come across this particular paragraph at least a few times. And every time I’ve come across this, it really makes me stop, take a moment and look around the space I’m in. I begin to examine everything around me for the purpose and meaning that they carry.

If you are a student of ACIM, then you understand the depth of what I am explaining. If you are not a student of ACIM, I ask you to look around the room you are in.. be it your home, your office, or wherever you are.. and pick a few items.

Really feel the purpose of these items. Examine the design and craftsmanship. Imagine the people in the design room and factory who created the item(s) you are looking at. What purpose are these items serving in your life?

Look at members of your family with new eyes, even if for just a few minutes. What qualities do they have that you are inspired by? Really allow these good feelings to sink in.

Go outdoors. Look at a few items. And truly understand their purpose within our ecosystem.

This exercise does not have to take long. All it takes is a few minutes. But truly sit with these few minutes in pure feeling and meaning.

You will be able to truly come into a dimension within, where you start to see a deeper meaning of people and things that are around you, and this existence. It gives your moment more meaning.

And if you do this often enough, you will find more meaning within this existence as a whole.

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I wish each of you a beautiful week!

With Gratitude,