How to Set Effective New Years Resolutions

Video Length: 2.25 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

I hope each of you had a wonderful ending to 2016. And I wish an even better 2017 for you!

With this week’s video, I talk to you about three steps to take when you want to set your New Years resolutions, or any goals throughout the year.

The first step is to write them out. When we take our to-do list or our goals out of our mind and write them on a piece of paper, we create more space within our mind for creativity to come up. We create space for solutions to come to us.

The second step which is so important, is to take baby steps.

All too often when we want to start a project or a goal, we jump right into it. And what happens after some time is the habit of the mind takes over. We become lazy. We don’t want to move forward with our goal. We lose our ambition and don’t want to go in as deep as we had.

Its important to take baby steps with anything you want to do. If you want to dedicate yourself to reading a book a month, start with 10 pages a day. If you want to dedicate yourself to working out, start with 20 minutes.

Through time, the natural tendency for humans is to continue expanding. So those 10 pages of reading will naturally turn into 15 pages. Those 20 minutes of working out will naturally turn into 30 minutes through time.

Taking baby steps is key for natural progression to growth.

The third step for setting your New Years resolutions or any goals is to take time out and celebrate your accomplishments. All too often we are so concerned with how far we have to go that we don’t take time to truly see how far we’ve come.

Make a connection with your accomplishments. Give yourself credit. Do this once per month or do this once per week… Whatever you feel is appropriate for you.

When we take time and see how far we’ve come, that becomes fuel for moving forward.

And don’t take on too much at once. Again, take baby steps. Taking on too much will backfire because you will feel overwhelmed.

May each of you reach your goals, your heart’s desires and your dreams. If its in you, its waiting to be manifested. The most effective way you can get to them is by taking baby steps, and not giving up.

One day at a time, make 2017 the best year yet!

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I wish each of you a blessed week!

With Gratitude,