How to Recognize the Voice of Our Intuition

Actual Video Length: 2.30 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

With this video, I talk to you about how to recognize the voice of our intuition.

We have two voices in our mind that talk to us. We have the voice of our intuition. And we also have the voice of our ego.

The ego part of our mind carries our doubt, fear and worry. The ego is like a separate entity. And it is not the essence of who we truly are. The voice of the ego speaks first. The voice of the ego speaks loudest. When something happens, the ego roars to us to worry, to be afraid..

It does this all in the name of ‘protection.’ But if we are not careful, the ego will actually block us from truly living. To exist in a state of worry, doubt or fear is not really living.

It’s important to take all aspects of a situation into consideration. And it’s very important to allow the Truth within to guide us, as we make decisions. This Truth is the voice of our intuition.

The voice of our intuition is our Guiding Light.

It is a soft whisper. It does not try to catch our attention like the voice of the ego. It gently nudges us along.

Chaos in our mind will block the voice of Truth. The way to make a connection with our intuition is to quiet the chatter of the mind; to quiet the ego part of our mind.

How does one do this?
Through the profound tool of meditation.

To meditate is to still the mind. To meditate is to tap into that deeper part of ourselves where we can easily hear the quiet whisper of the heart. To meditate is to make a connection with the essence of who we are.

All your life’s answers reside deep within you.

Self-reflection, Self-realization and Self-development become the greatest investments to living a life of quality. You want answers? Look within.

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With Gratitude,