How to Create Lasting Change

Video Length: 4.50 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

With this week’s video, I talk to you about how to make lasting change.

In order to talk about that, I need to explain the conscious versus the subconscious mind. And in the video, I refer to a diagram in the book You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

For anyone who has more of an analytical mind, he has an amazing way of linking science and spirituality. He is one of the pioneers of that field. Spirituality can be abstract. Yet, he brings the abstract-ness of spirituality into more of a scientific clarity. I highly recommend picking up any of one of his books.

The diagram I will be referring to in this book (for those of you who have it) is on page 140.

This diagram shows 5% of our mind as being the conscious part of our mind, and 95% of our mind being the subconscious part of our mind.

The conscious mind (5%) consists of our :

  • Logic
  • Reasoning
  • Creativity

The subconscious mind (95%) consists of our:

  • Skills
  • Habits
  • Emotional reactions
  • Hard-wired behaviors
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs
  • Perceptions
  • And the list goes on …..

In order to be able to make a lasting change within ourselves, we need to tap into the 95% of our mind, the subconscious mind. This is where we have conditioned/trained our mind to be the person we are.

And in order to dig deep into the subconscious part of ourselves, the tool that is of the highest benefit is meditation.

When we are sitting in meditation and we acquire those few seconds of stillness, that is when we go deep within ourselves, within our internal world, into the subconscious part of who we are. And we begin to alter our brain wave patterns. All of this is necessary for change to occur.

You cannot have change occur with the same patterns, being the same person. You have to go deeper within yourself. Any true and lasting change comes from the depth of who you are. Anything else is surface level.

Each conscious breath in our meditation sitting gives us space between those hard-wired behaviors. You give space between the old you, to make way for the new you.

Presence is the most important aspect we have for breaking away from the old and coming into the new.

You can also practice presence daily as you’re moving about your life. Just be present with everything that you do. And this will break away from the old and bring you into alignment with the new.

For those of you who are curious about meditation and want to make a lasting change for yourself, we have a free, 20 day guided series. It is called 20/20 Meditate for Peace. You can find it on any Podcast app or the Insight Timer app.

Give yourself this gift of meditation. Give yourself this gift of lasting change.

You can do all the things you want to your external life, and they will feel good, but they will be temporary.

Lasting effects happen when we go deep within ourselves.

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I wish each of you an enlightened week!

With Gratitude,