Guided vs Silent Meditations

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First of all, I want to thank you!  I received so many emails about what you would like to go deeper on, within a workshop. I had mentioned I will not be responding to those emails, but I did read each one. I love how interactive you all are!! As a result, I can cater the workshop based on your specific needs.

Now about today’s newsletter: Guided vs Silent Meditations…

The whole point of meditating is to make a connection with that formless part of ourselves.

Human beings have the form, which is the human part of us. And then we have the being, which is the formless part of us.

The formless part of us is not tangible. But it is so important. It sets the precedence for the quality of our lives: our peace, intuition, love, compassion and our life’s purpose. And through every conscious breath we take through our meditation practice, we make a connection with that formless part of us.

Meditation can be practiced in different ways…

There are guided meditations that are very beneficial. Through guided meditations, you go on a journey into your internal world – the beautiful formless part of yourself – by following the words of the guide.

The thing to keep in mind with guided meditations is to make sure you are aware of the stillness that resides deep within you. As the guide is speaking and taking you on this journey, simultaneously maintain an alertness and connection to your internal stillness. It is a feeling of presence and awareness.

And when you do this in your meditation practice, through time, you will naturally take this awareness into your external life as well. When you are running errands, are with family, at work or in any situation, you maintain a connection with this part of yourself. It may come and go, but you’ll definitely tap into it.

That deep inner stillness is within you at all times. It is up to you to connect with it.

And when you do this, you begin to live with presence. You begin to live in mindfulness. It becomes a beautiful existence.

When we do silent meditations, it becomes very powerful because all you have is you, yourself and you. The thoughts become louder. But when you move past the thoughts and you are left with that pure stillness, it becomes so much more powerful and profound.

By meditating in silence, you will also enhance your presence skills.

Some people find silent meditations a little daunting because its simply too quiet. If this is the case for you, start with five minutes. Just feel the deep presence and silence until you become more and more accustomed to it.

I recommend incorporating both guided and silent meditations into your practice.

When I started meditating, one of my first experiences was a ten-day silent meditation retreat. Ten days of silence, about 11 hours of meditating per day. I then continued to do that retreat many, many times over. It was a very deep experience, and I absolutely loved it

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