Domino Effects of Small Acts of Presence

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This week I’d like to share with you an article I wrote for the Huffington Post. It’s titled “The Domino Effect of Small Acts of Presence.”

Also, as our new meditation course on gratitude was released on Sunday! It is a 10 day course, beginning with 11 minutes of meditation. We add one minute per day, and focus on one aspect of your life per day, until by day 10 of the course, you are meditating for 20 minutes.

This is a powerful course for taking time to honor all that is in your life. We begin with your external world, such as the city you live in. Each day we move closer to your internal world. By day 10, you will focus your gratitude meditation on YOU.

What you focus on expands – so we will focus on the good, make a connection with your life and allow this good to expand.

You can access the course via any podcast app by searching “20/20 Meditate for Peace” – then look for the gratitude courses. The course will also be available on Insight Timer by November 14th.

The Domino Effect of Small Acts of Presence

You have an assortment of groceries spread on the conveyor belt. As it inches closer to the cashier, she makes eye contact with you, smiling and saying, “Hello!” She engulfs you in the warmth of her demeanor, asking about your day with keen interest. You find yourself engaged by her amiability, and ask about her day in turn. The exchange lasts less than five minutes, but leaves you feeling content as you push your cart out of the store into the parking lot.

Still carrying the comfort derived from your exchange with the cashier, you smile at a passing stranger in the lot outside. Once the groceries are unloaded into the trunk and you sit in the car, the phone rings. It’s a friend whose calls normally go to voicemail. But this time, you spontaneously pick it up and make conversation with him while driving home.

This chain of events is all very pleasant. It was an insignificant moment in time, yet carried much relevance. The point to take notice of is the sequence of energy exchanges that began in the grocery store. The warmth of the cashier left you elated as you walked out. All she did was engage you in conversation as she was ringing up the items. Yet, she was fully present in the discussion. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, that was the reason for your smile to the stranger in the parking lot; and more importantly, for the conversation you carried with a friend whose call would normally have been ignored.

This scenario is an example of the impact our energy makes on everyone around us.

People often wonder how one person is capable of making a difference. However, when we realize that the energy we exchange all day has a continuous domino effect, affecting even those we do not come into contact with, it becomes easier to hold ourselves accountable for making a difference.

Spreading goodness becomes easy when we remember to be present and to smile genuinely.

It only takes a brief moment to come out of your head and actually feel the present moment. Feel the presence of another human being standing before you, or on the other end of the phone. Feel the emotions underneath the words in the conversation. Feel the situation at hand. We cannot feel if we are not present.

To feel is what makes us human.

It takes a moment of conscious presence to execute this. And the more present we are, the better our moment becomes. At the core, every human being wants to be acknowledged and heard, even if it’s during a brief exchange at a grocery store. Unspoken forms of communication such as deep presence and smiles will resonate further within the heart than mere words. And to be present is to acknowledge the other person: showing them that there were no distractions subconsciously taking you away from the conversation at hand.

So, begin to practice spreading presence and kindness.

Make everyone you come across a subject for this mission. Whether in person or on the phone, be fully attentive to the dialogue. Even if few words are exchanged, presence through eye contact and a smile can speak volumes. And as the day progresses, you will notice a shift happening within yourself. You will feel elevated, like you’re living with purpose.

Your moments of presence, however brief, will make you feel more alive. It is the uncomplicated gestures that bring beauty to each moment. And through this process, you will encounter another important truth about this life: To give and receive are one in truth. The good energy you put out will come right back to you.

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