Are You Feeling Whole with Your Imaginations?

Video Length: 1.67 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

I have a question for you… When you imagine your future self, do you feel it is a thought that is away from you? Or do you actually feel that it is a part of you?

Do this exercise now:
Close your eyes, and see your future self, the person you want to be. And in your imagining, is the person you want to be away from you? Do you see yourself from a distance?

Or do you feel yourself, within your imagination, in that particular moment, as if it is happening right now?
Do you feel the people that may be around you?
The environment that you’re in?
The air that you’re breathing?
The latter is how we need to feel when we are imagining our future self.

Anything that is apart from us will always remain apart from us.

One of the main steps with manifestation is to feel whole with our desire.

If we feel any sense of separation, that separation will always remain. And it will always be something that we are trying to attain.
So whenever you see yourself and your goals in the future, truly feel it and imagine yourself already there. And this will quicken the process of you actually getting there.

Have fun with this process!

And keep yourself in the space of your future self for at least 17 seconds. Staying with your imagination for 17 seconds will build the momentum you need for moving forward. These powerful 17 seconds will allow you to embody your future self even more.

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I wish each of you a peaceful week!

With Gratitude,