You Can Be Hurt by Nothing But Your Thoughts

Video Length: 2.90 Minutes

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In this video, I talk about a statement from A Course in Miracles:
I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.

Our mind has so much power over our life. And one of the main things that gets in the way of living a peaceful life is our thoughts. Not only do our thoughts get in the way of our peace, they also get in the way of living a fulfilled life. Worrying or becoming doubtful are thoughts that hinder the truth from us.

You are not your thoughts. You do not have to be defined by every thought that comes into your mind. 

The mind can be used for the good or the bad — and yes, I wrote ‘used’ because we control our mind, not the other way around. Our mind can be our best asset for living a positive life – if we train it that way. If we don’t train our mind to look for the good and positivity, it can become our worst enemy.

The mind loves to find one incident and keep replaying it. It especially loves to do this with negative situations. Without awareness, the mind could do this to us for years. Then before we know it, that negative incident becomes a part of our identity.

But we do have a choice, always.

We can choose to bring our focus back into the present moment instead of keeping it on the past. The present moment stops the train of negative thoughts. It aligns us with the power of life again.

The power of life is in this moment, not the past.

So the cliche we always hear is true: It’s not what happens to us but how we handle it.

In every moment, with every situation, we always have two choices: To allow our mind to take over and run rampant in the negative direction it loves. Or we can take the power back into our hands again and train the mind to release the negativity.

And if you cannot immediately see any good out of a particular situation, give it some time. The good will present itself. And the meantime, make a conscious choice to stop replaying the bad.

There’s a hidden lesson in everything we go through. This is a natural part of life’s process. But only by moving forward can the lesson present itself. Only by moving forward can we gain our strength again.

To remain in the past is to live a stagnant life.

Taking control over our thoughts = Taking control over our life.

It sounds easier said than done. But so is anything we want to accomplish. As long as we are conscious of the choices we make — and work on keeping our mind in the present moment, we’ll be good.

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