Why Vulnerability is Powerful

Video Length: 3.10 Minutes

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In this week’s video, I talk to you about vulnerability and the power it contains.

A lot of people think to be vulnerable is to be naive or weak. The opposite is actually true. At the core of vulnerability is a lot of courage and strength.

The fact of this life is we’ve all been hurt; its part of the life process. When we are able to work through that pain.. When we forgive who we need to forgive.. When we learn the lessons we need to and not carry the past with us.. All of these actions become so empowering.

Each of these actions allows us an opportunity gain control of our life back. No matter what happens, we can either give our power away or keep it for ourselves.

I know this sounds easier said than done.

Take the time to go through your emotions, be it anger, frustration or disappointment – this is actually healthy. Because you are not numbing yourself away from the reality of the situation. But while you are going through these emotions, also remind yourself you do not want to stay with these emotions.

You do not want to give them a home within yourself. You want to release any negativity.

Self-empowerment is positive.

And when we live with this kind of power, it brings us to a place of softness. It brings us to a place of vulnerability. When we consciously make choices to not carry the heavy burdens of life, we naturally become light through time.

Carrying the emotions and pains of the past keeps our guards up. We are continuously trying to protect ourselves, so we have our defenses up.

But when we’ve actually worked through the past, its not necessary to have defenses up because we’ve become wiser. We allow our intuition and the internal wisdom we’ve acquired to guide us.

Therefore, you encounter every new person and situation from a place of openness, softness and vulnerability. With this state of mind, you’re able to receive the beauty of that moment so much more.

Vulnerability creates deep connections with life and people. 

It creates a depth within us. When we have our guards and defenses up, we don’t allow anything to go deep within. We are blocked from feeling the beauty of that moment because we’re too scared of being hurt again. — But if we’ve truly worked through the past, then we’ve also moved past the fear and beyond, to softness.

Becoming vulnerable is actually very empowering because of the work we’ve done on ourselves.

It was important for me to have done this video because I feel too many people are going through life with their guards up. And when this is the case, human connection gets lost.

Each relationship can be so refreshing, if we bring the wisdom – and not the pain – of the past with us.

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