The True Meaning of Spirituality - It Has Nothing to Do With Religion

Video Length: 4.30 Minutes

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In this week’s video, I talk to you about the meaning of spirituality. For me, the meaning of spirituality has nothing to do with religion. It is about following the path of one’s own heart.

I had once heard a statement that really resonated with me: “To follow religion is to follow other people’s stories. To follow spirituality is to follow the path of your own heart to get to the Truth of this Life.”

There is one Truth with a capital “T” and there are also universal laws that rule our existence.

When we move forward on a path of spirituality, we begin to look deeper at our own life. Through experiences that come our way and trial/error, we are given opportunities to deepen this understanding. This effort at understanding life simultaneously becomes an effort at strengthening our intuition.

Our intuition then becomes our guide. Another term for intuition is our Higher Self.

This guide/intuition ultimately leads us to the Truth of this Life. But the Truth of Life does not only come from our intuition. We have to also read books and study the theories of life.

These books are categorized under personal development, spirituality and metaphysics. What we read coupled with our own life experiences helps us get to the core of this existence.

The Truth of Life is within every single person. It is also out in nature.

For humans, we have to release the chatter of the mind through prayer and meditation to get to internal Truth.

So all of this work leads to a strong, yet beautiful path because of our consistent effort. It takes concentrated awareness to continuously apply everything we read about and learn.

Everything becomes a stepping stone for the next. There are those who attend a lot of seminars and read a lot of books. But if they are not actually applying the teachings, then their growth will not be very fruitful.

Is the path of spirituality an easy one? Absolutely not. 

People see the peace one can attain and deem the path to be a passive one. But it is actually very proactive.

It takes a lot of courage, strength and awareness to face our fears, to face the past, to forgive the past and to continue on with this life.

The deeper we go, something else will come up. It’s not easy..

But — when we work through the darkness, we get to the light. When we work through the hurdles to get to the other side, we will always be faced with more strength and greater intuition.

The further we go on the path of spirituality, and the more we tap into the light, the more beautiful this life becomes. That light is a metaphor for our love, compassion and also the beauty of this existence.

And it truly is light; there is no heaviness.

I will also repeat the importance of acquiring meditation and prayer on our path of spirituality. Everything you read and study is theory. But adding meditation and prayer to it gives it the personal experience.

There is a world within each of us.. It is like a beautiful garden. It is far from the sorrows and limitations of this life. When we work on rising above this life, we tap into this garden.

We tap into the beauty and essence of our Being.

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