The Phrase That Turns a Heavy Situation Into a Light One

Video Length: 2.45 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

In today’s video, I want to reintroduce a mantra to you. And I want to reintroduce it because you have probably heard of this mantra in the past. The mantra is: Everything Happens in My Highest Good.

I came across this mantra a few years ago and I embodied it.

I wrote it down and I embodied it because I really wanted to believe that everything does happen in my highest good. So when something happened to me that was confusing or painful, instead of reacting to it, I remembered to tell myself the mantra, “Everything happens in my highest good.”

What I realized by saying this is that first of all, I didn’t react to the situation right away. Secondly, I gave space between myself and the situation.

It also gave me the patience to be able to wait for the answer to come to me. And even though I was confused or in pain, I was not deeply attached to those feelings because I knew there had to be more than met my eye.

There’s a reason why everything happens to us.

And the universe truly has our back. This is something I have come to experientially learn.

When we tell ourselves everything happens in our highest good, we realize what was in store for us with the situation, person or circumstance much easier… We come to learn our answer in a more fluid way when we surrender to life and tell ourselves, “Everything happens in my highest good.”

So I suggest for you to write this mantra down, embody it and make it a part of you.

Anytime something happens that leaves you confused or in pain, don’t react to it right away. Tell yourself the mantra. It will allow you to step back, wait for the answer… And when that answer does come, you will be pleasantly surprised 

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