Our World Has an Imbalance of Feminine Energy

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This week I want to talk you about the feminine energy – and the imbalance I’m noticing. Men, I encourage you to watch this video as well and share it with the women in your lives.

First and foremost, I want to say that I think the role women play in this world is so beautiful. Its amazing to witness so many women in leadership roles and entrepreneur roles because there’s a different perspective women bring to the table.

I don’t want women to lose this powerful side to them.

And with that said, there’s something I want to remind all women of:
Go out in the world and do your thing… But when it comes to your home, to not lose touch with your feminine energy.

When we are working, no matter what our profession may be, that is masculine energy we’re extending into the world. It’s the hunter energy (going back to our ancestors of hunters and gatherers).

When we come back into our homes, its important to bring that gatherer energy back – the nurturing, soft, vulnerable energy.

I notice a lot of masculine energy in our video games, movies and of course, the wars around the globe. That is a lot of ‘hunter’ energy.

The world needs the female perspective in the workforce. But our homes need the feminine energy. It all begins with our homes and trickles out into society.

It’s important to mention a second time: Our homes need the nurturing, soft, vulnerable energy. Our families need this from us. Society needs this from us.

I understand there are a lot of homes with single parents. And this adds on to the stress of the household.

But as much as possible, women should take time out for themselves — to go for a walk and release the day’s stress… To wind down with a shower or bath once getting home to metaphorically wash away the stress of the day. Or even to put on relaxing music while preparing dinner or helping children with homework.

There should be some form of transition from workplace to home.

For women to not lose sight of their feminine energy also helps withe the male/female relationships. If men are surrounded by too many independent women, they can’t fulfill their role and also lose their identity. So an imbalance gets created in the male/female relationships.

I’m also noticing a lot of infertility. And the intelligence of the human body will not bring another life to grow if it’s in fighting and striving mode – that is masculine energy. New life needs to grow when we are in a state of ‘being’ as much as we are in a state of ‘doing.’

So again, all you women, its amazing what you are doing – and continue to do it all – because you can! And when it comes to your homes, leave the masculine energy outside and bring the feminine energy inside.

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