Nurturing Change

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This week, I want to share with you an article I wrote. The title is Nurturing Change.

Do you think it’s possible to never change? When a couple tells each other they will always remain the same person for the other, do you think that is realistic? I don’t think so. The one thing that is constant in our lives is change.

Human beings are continuously learning, growing and expanding their perspective. And if someone is not doing that, they are not actually living. The human being has infinite potential and if we do not develop towards progress and advancement, then we are dishonoring are capabilities.

There are two ways a person can grow. One way is internally. The other way is externally. External growth will lead to improved status, higher promotions, more material possessions and better appearance. Internal growth will lead to more compassion, living with purpose and fine-tuned intuition.

Focusing on both the internal and external worlds are necessary for living a fulfilled life. However, contrary to what some may think, true growth is an inside job. The more of a connection we have with our internal world, the more our external world will shine.

How does one make a connection to this profound world that is felt but cannot be seen?

  • Through the power of meditation: When we sit in stillness, each second of no-thought we experience becomes a portal into the internal world. It is through stillness and clarity that we tap further into our compassion, purpose and intuition; hence, into our truth.


  • Through positive self-reflection: At the end of each day, week, month and year write out everything that happened to in which you’re grateful for. This positive mode of being is also a portal into higher vibrations. Our compassion, purpose and intuition are felt through high vibrations, not low.


  • Make a point to be of service more, either to those in your life or through volunteer experiences, or both.When we remove our needs and focus on the needs of others, we relinquish our ego. This lack of ego is also a portal to our internal world. Ego does not reside where our truth resides.

Ego is how people act when they are trying to impress others. Truth is not concerned with impressing others.

Yet the interesting thing is, the more we live from our truth, the more we’ll attract people and circumstances to help us shine further. It is a natural mode of existence that light is more attractive than darkness. And living with truth and authenticity is living in the light.

Both the internal and external worlds are important. However, the work we do on the internal world will resonate deeper not just on ourselves and but also everyone we come into contact with. It is important to continuously grow and change. And it is stumping when a person expects another to always stay the same.

Growth should be honored and supported. We live in the era of information and technology. The world around us is moving at a rapid rate. We need to keep up with this growth. And with that said, it is very important to develop a deep connection to the person we truly are on the inside so we do not feel lost on the outside.

Our anchor in this fast paced world is the truth within our heart.

The heart resides in the internal world. This is not in reference to the body. This is in reference to the being.

Cultivate your being and you have cultivated the quality of your life. So go ahead and change! Just make sure you’re conscientious and expanding your compassion, purpose and intuition (living from your heart-truth).

These high vibrations will resonate onto others, prompting them to change for the better too. The deepest form of change comes through feelings and experience.

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