If You Feel Stagnant in Life, This Newsletter is For You

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In this video, I talk to you about two different modes of existence. One is called vertical, the other one is called horizontal.

In the vertical mode of existence, you could be working towards something but not seeing results right away.

Let’s use a project you’re working on as an example. And let’s use a tree as an analogy to this project. You’re working and you’re working and you’re working… And not really seeing results.

What’s happening is you’re digging deeper within yourself, you’re fine tuning your skills.. What you’re doing is building the roots within yourself and this project (the tree analogy). This vertical mode of existence may seem frustrating at times. It may seem stagnant. But it’s meant to make you dig deep with your perseverance.

You may feel tested by life. Again, it’s meant to strengthen your resolve.

But your patience and perseverance will pay off in due time.

The deeper you go, the more abundant the fruits of your labor will be. In a vertical mode of existence, they’ll take longer to blossom and present themselves to you. But the end result will be mass abundance. It’s all of a sudden going to show up and it’s going to be big.

It will ultimately be worth your “blood, sweat and tears.” And you will look back on yourself and realize how much strength you’ve acquired. This strength will be necessary foundation for what is to come along your journey.

And then we have the horizontal mode of existence. This form of existence moves along pretty smoothly. For the amount of work you’re putting out, you’re getting paid quickly in return for it. You see the fruits of your labor blossom fairly quickly.

The lessons will still be there for a horizontal mode of existence. But they may not test you as far and deep as a vertical mode of existence. You will still have to fine tune your skills, but with less patience. You will simply feel like it’s just working fairly quickly.

These are two different modes of existence and it’s important to know which one you’re dealing with.

And at any time in our life we could be dealing with a horizontal mode of existence in one part of our life and a vertical mode of existence in another part of our life. They could be going on simultaneously in different aspects of our lives.

You could find it easy to lose weight but not so easy to increase the sales of your company – or vice versa.

Sometimes we feel like quitting. Sometimes we question our intentions.

If you find yourself in this position, ask yourself if the end result still excites you. If the end result excites you, then dig deeper and persevere on. Recognize that you are in a vertical mode of existence. And face the battles head on.

Remember, the deeper you go, the more ripe the fruits of your labor will be.

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