How to Pray Effectively

Video Length: 3.10 Minutes

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In this week’s video, I talk to you about prayer, and how our prayers are received and then answered by the Universe. We need to be feeling good when we are praying.

When we feel good, we are in alignment with the Universe and our highest good.

Fear, doubt, jealousy, anger and any form of negative emotion does not put us in alignment with our highest good. The Universe functions at vibrations that are in our in highest good.

We need to get ourselves to positive vibrations in order for the Universe to receive our prayer, our request and then be able to answer it.

A lot of times people pray when they absolutely need a change in their situation – when they just cannot feel good about something and are seeking relief. During these kinds of prayers, its not very easy to raise the vibrations and emotions into positivity.

If you find yourself in such a situation before you sit down to pray, make sure that you accept your circumstance first.

Acceptance also puts us into the flow of the Universe; resistance blocks us from this flow.

So if you’re resisting or angry at your situation, you’re blocking the flow of having the prayer received.

We always want to feel good, be in a state of hopefulness, positive expectation, positive belief and enthusiasm. Or if there’s absolutely no way of being able to feel that way during a time of prayer, then accept your situation first.

Deep acceptance is also flow.

It’s also important to make a connection with the Universe in good times and bad.

One of the most beautiful prayers we can do is the prayer of gratitude. You can simply make this your spiritual practice. Find one thing in your life that you’re grateful for and feel the emotions of it. And thank the Universe for this aspect of your life.

This way, a connection is made. You don’t only go to the Universe in times of need. A connection is made in good times and in bad.

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