How to Find Your Purpose

Video Length: 4.65 Minutes

Hello Newsletter Family!

In today’s video, I talk to you about finding our purpose in life. And I also share with you my personal journey of how I came to find my purpose.

When it comes to our purpose, it is something that is deep within us.

The key to going forward and tapping into our purpose is to do what makes us feel good, and gives us joy and enthusiasm. Topics that we can’t get enough information on and always want to delve deeper into are a good indicator for our purpose.

For some people, their purpose could be technology and electronics. For other people, it could be nature and animals. For other people, their purpose could be art and design. We all have a different imprint within us that we are meant to share with this world.

And the way to tap into this is to do what makes you feel good. Go forward with your passion. Go forward with your curiosity, and one day a career opportunity, business idea or some form of inspiration will come to you.

And you can follow that, and begin the path of walking into your purpose.

For me, my purpose is spirituality.

Its a deep and personal journey for me of how I came into this. I was in a place where I was seeking deeper answers to life. I was taking in all the books and knowledge I could because I wanted to decode this life. I wanted to understand my own life.

And I was doing a lot of meditating and attending a lot of meditation retreats. To this day, I meditate over one hour per day because I have so much passion for that formless part of us, the Being part of us.

Years ago, I was at a meditation retreat and it was like I received a download from life… And I had this feeling come over me that my purpose in this lifetime is meditation, spirituality and the message of the heart. I recognized that all the knowledge and information I had gained was to be shared with the world.

So I received this download and meanwhile, I had businesses that I was involved in…

From the moment this download came through me, it took me a few years before I fully surrendered to the path. My concern was how to actually make a career out of spirituality. How does a person make a career out of the message of the heart, mind mastery and meditation?

It seemed abstract to me at the time. It took a few years for me to be able to step into my Self and my purpose and truly surrender to the path.

When I did follow the path, life started to support me.

We all have a message or talent to share with the world. And when we find the courage to step into that, then that is when Life has our back. 

The reason for this is we are living our life to the potential that we’re meant to — for the reason that we are here.

Every single one of us has something within that we’re meant to share with the world. And if you feel that your message, hobby or passion is already being done by so many people, DO IT ANYWAY.

There are over seven billion people on the planet. Not everyone reaches every person. We all have a different way of conveying the same message. So you will reach many people.

You just have to BELIEVE.

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