Formula for Positive Creation

Video Length: 2.75 Minutes


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In this week’s video, I talk to you about manifestation; manifesting our life. In A Course in Miracles, we are taught that all thought creates form on some level.

So the thoughts you’re thinking will come to life in one way or another, in some form or another. And the more of the same thoughts you’re thinking, the more energy you give those thoughts to come into life (to manifest).

With manifestation, there is either creation, which is good. Or there is mis-creation, which is not good.

It really boils down to a mixture of our thoughts plus our feelings for us to realize if we’re creating or mis-creating our life.

So you want to have positive thoughts and positive feelings in order to create a positive life.

Our thoughts emit electrical energy out into the field. Our feelings emit magnetic energy out into the field. We need both the electrical and the magnetic energies in order for the form to come into fruition.

If you’re realizing that you’re living the same life over and over again and you’re not too happy about it, take a look inside.

Recognize what kind of thoughts you’re thinking. Are they generally positive or are they generally negative? Are they generally thoughts about the past? — Because you’ll recreate the past. Or are you thinking positive, beautiful and inspiring thoughts? And are you feeling good with these thoughts?

However you want your life to go, look inside.

If you want to create a positive life for yourself, look inside. Observe and be aware of the thoughts you’re thinking and raise the vibrations of your feelings – make sure you are feeling good.

The combination of these two gives way to form in life.

The formula is simple but it takes a lot of awareness to master this. But with time and practice, we can master anything we set our mind to.

The power is within each of us; not outside of us. It’s up to us to either take control of this power, or to allow our mind to run rampant in whatever direction it chooses to go.

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